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Avoid Making the Biggest Microsoft 365 Management Mistakes

There is excellent guidance on how to migrate your environment the right way or how to configure Microsoft 365 to work well. However, not a lot of guidance on the mistakes made and how to find your way out of those situations.

Understanding these things and how to manage Microsoft 365 services is a requirement for any IT Professional or leader working with Microsoft 365. Would you be surprised to know that there are many other things IT Professionals and leaders should know about Microsoft 365 but often don’t?

Join AvePoint Brand Alliance Director & Microsoft MVP + RD, Christian Buckley, & 2toLead CTO and Microsoft MVP, Richard Harbridge, as they go beyond Microsoft 365 fundamentals for IT Professionals and leaders and dig into the top 5 critical mistakes that many IT Professionals seem to make when it comes to managing Microsoft 365 and what you can be done about to avoid them.

In this webinar, Richard and Christian spoke about:

  • How do organizations keep pace with Microsoft
  • How do organizations keep up with industry organizational change?
  • How should organizations best approach multi-tenant & multi-cloud?
  • What are the top mistakes Microsoft 365 managers make?
  • What tools should more Microsoft 365 managers leverage more?

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