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Is your digital workplace engaging, dynamic, personalized, and effective? 

With over 50 Microsoft 365 intranet and digital workplace vendors on the market it can be hard to know when, why, and how to leverage the right one for your business. Let our team of experts help make this process easier and implement these solutions the right way while still maximizing what you can do out of the box. 

Why Choose Us

We performed extensive evaluations on 30+ vendors.

We have built hundreds of Intranet solutions ourselves.

We can ensure your vendor is aligned with the Microsoft Roadmap.

We get you money back on any purchase and can lead deployment with proven success.

We have a team that has won multiple Nielsen Norman Intranet awards.

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    Our Internal Communication Solutions Partners


    Versatility and breadth of capability at its finest 

    Organizations everywhere look to LiveTiles to provide them with top-tier solutions that elevate their SharePoint and Microsoft 365 environments, innovating beyond them, no matter the organization’s size. With some of the world’s most recognizable brands using their product, we would love to show you how their revolutionary digital workplace solutions offer broad and deep end-to-end capability to meet the needs of a modern digital workplace. Fix bad internal communication with the help of our incredible digital communications platform partner.

    • LiveTiles Intranet is a broad and deep end-to-end Intranet solution whether you are looking for an Intranet in a box or a large, extensible, and scalable intranet solution.
    • LiveTiles Reach provides a way to enable organizations to engage employees with internal communications and with one another regardless of where they work.
    • LiveTiles Employee Directory doesn’t just provide a way to quickly and efficiently find people in your organization; it improves employee profiles and their reliability which empowers greater personalization and more opportunities to automate processes effectively.
    • LiveTiles Everywhere brings the digital workplace to where users work in Microsoft Teams with personalized, customized content, apps, integrations, and experiences.
    • LiveTiles Quantum makes improving your digital workplace faster and easier with its analytics portal, LiveTiles bot lab, dynamic directories, and LiveTiles vibe (an employee engagement and corporate wellness solution).


    Enterprise readiness at its finest

    Omnia provides a full offering of digital workplace functionality centering around corporate intranets. It compliments Microsoft 365 Intranets with strong navigation and governance elements that act as fantastic foundational pieces to build on at the enterprise level.

    Enterprise level intranets are rarely satisfied with out-of-the-box capabilities and Omnia truly does a great job of bridging that gap, allowing for faster deployment of your digital workplace updates.

    • Omnia’s governance capabilities allow you to stay on top of your ever-growing digital workplace’s web pages, documents, collaboration teams, applications and connections to external services.
    • Quickly create pages with ease that look great, saving you time to focus on optimizing your internal communication and collaboration efforts.
    • They combine gamification with knowledge sharing to encourage user participation to enable community learning.
    • Strong publishing features allow your team to deliver relevant information fast.


    Design and management at its finest

    Powell Intranet and Teams offers compelling capabilities whether you are looking for newsroom publishing, events management, social communities, knowledge centers, search experiences, employee directories, analytics, better templating, improved navigation, better employee services, or better corporate branding. IT departments everywhere are tasked with managing and maintaining their corporate digital workplace.

    Internal communications experts, rightfully, want something enticing and easy-to-use, but sometimes those solutions come at a cost. With Powell‘s intranet solution, IT and internal communications can both get exactly what they want. When it comes to design and management, Powell is an excellent addition to your internal communication plan.

    • Powell Intranet provides ready-made templates that are tailored to your needs while providing the ability for you to customize those Intranet and Digital Workplace templates without code in a comprehensive management and designer experience.
    • Powell Teams provides predefined templates that are easy to tailor and extend, simplified Teams access and navigation experience, approval, management, governance, automation capabilities (including updating templates on existing teams), and smarter user dashboards, reporting, and enterprise recommendations.


    Simplification and innovation at its finest

    Valo focuses on a beautiful UI/UX experience with the ability to deploy quickly. Most staple features and experiences are baked into the solution, saving you time to plan a better internal communication strategy. With various solutions directly integrated into SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, Valo‘s digital workplace products might be the perfect fit for your organization. From their primary intranet solution, Valo Intranet, to their ideation solution, Valo Ideas, they are ready to strengthen your digital workplace.

    • Valo Intranet is the center of all internal communication and teamwork in many organizations. It offers all the features a team will need – along with a beautiful user experience.
    • Valo Teamwork brings everything together in one view and lets administrators have full control of the group lifecycle.
    • Valo Ideas enables your workers to drive innovation, present new ideas, discuss and react on them from where they already work in Microsoft Teams!
    • Valo Connect enables your organization to communicate, collaborate, and co-innovate without leaving the comfort of Microsoft Teams bringing your enterprise portal into the Teams experience.
    • Valo Entrance makes it easy for you to share your resources and automate tasks around inviting and managing external user rights in Microsoft 365.
    • Valo Extranet makes it easier to quickly set up the most important features and effective and engaging communication/resource sharing involved in extranets today.

    In-Depth Microsoft 365 and Digital Workplace Knowledge

    From multiple award winning Microsoft MVPs to our Neilson Norman award winners, we have endless endless experiences to pull from. What is our goal? To help organizations build a better digital workplace experience.


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