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OneDrive Where You Work + Functionalities in 2024

November 30, 2023
4 min read
OneDrive Where You Work + Functionalities in 2024
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  • OneDrive integration with Teams, Outlook, and Windows 11 provides greater access to OneDrive capabilities outside of just the web experience.  
  • Teams integration allows accessing OneDrive files and capabilities directly within Teams.
  • Outlook integration brings OneDrive files and capabilities directly into the Outlook workflow.
  • Windows 11 integration surfaces OneDrive capabilities like favorites, recent docs, etc., in the OS itself.
  • Broader OneDrive integration provides a soft transition for those not fully utilizing OneDrive and Microsoft 365 capabilities yet.

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This will be a quick one. I just wanted to share how excited I am about more access to a great experience. I love OneDrive, and I love the OneDrive home experience and what OneDrive has become.

Instead of a place to go and work with my files, it's slowly becoming the center of working with files in an organization and from an employee experience perspective. Why this is exciting, is because that experience doesn't require you to go to OneDrive online, the OneDrive web experience. You can see that in Microsoft Teams as an example.

Now, for many of our customers and many organizations in the world, Microsoft Teams is the digital hub of their digital workplace. Having an app experience for OneDrive, which allows me to see all of my files across shared environments as well as the files that are in OneDrive and have this really rich experience that even has Copilot and these new views and more, all available in that one place is a really big benefit.

I think, checkmark Teams integration with OneDrive app. If you've never used the OneDrive app in Teams, try it out, its a really big win. Number two checkmark that's really exciting is how it works with Outlook.

If you've never used Outlook in the web or the new Outlook experiences, you can actually have the Onedrive experience and work with files that show up directly in the flow of Outlook. That means people don't have to open up the browser, they don't even have to open up Teams.

If I'm just a very individual-focused user and I'm working in tons in Outlook, this becomes a really big benefit. Number three, if that wasn't enough, there are a massive number of people, myself included, that use a lot of capabilities in the desktop.

We've grown up with file shares and things like that. So we like to use Windows 11, we like to use the desktop. We use offline sync OneDrive sync all the time.
Well now what's exciting is a lot of experiences that you had to go to the web for you now have with OneDrive sync. So, favorites as an example.

Other capabilities like recent documents and roll-ups and even a new home experience exist within Windows 11 as well, meaning that the value of OneDrive can now be brought directly into your Windows 11 experience. Teams, Outlook, and Windows 11, all outside of just the OneDrive traditional experience, means that it's much more accessible to get the benefits that OneDrive home and a new OneDrive capability set provides.

If your organization is still in the earlier stages and you're working through that transition to rolling out OneDrive from something else. You're in a really great position because now you have a really rich ecosystem of integrated experiences that you can take advantage of. And if you're an organization that has already had this for a long time, we can now finally bridge the gap.

For those who haven't really transitioned to fully using the browser experiences, fully maximizing the value of Microsoft 365, we can introduce them in a more soft way within Outlook, within Teams, or, my personal favorite, within the Windows 11 experience. With that, OneDrive, you are a hero, and hopefully, everyone else can use more of your amazing capability sets.

If you yourself haven't explored colorful folders, the people view shortcuts and how shortcuts allow us to create our own kind of personal folders, a personal IA if you will. More on that with Copilot discussions.

If you haven't experienced this stuff yourself now, you have many ways to engage with OneDrive, especially coming in 2024. I look forward to hearing how OneDrive is working for you and your organization, and I love hearing comments and questions.

If you get a chance, I'd love to see questions that you have on effective OneDrive or challenges that you're having so that I can provide a bit of insight. Anyways, thanks everyone for your time and looking forward to talking to you again soon.

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