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Maximizing Microsoft Copilot in M365 and Viva

November 17, 2023
7 min read
Maximizing Microsoft Copilot in M365 and Viva
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  • Copilot for Microsoft 365 combined with Microsoft Viva capabilities creates exciting new experiences for improving employee productivity and collaboration.
  • Copilot aggregates signals from across Viva modules like Viva Engage and Viva Insights to provide relevant insights and recommendations.
  • Copilot can help take action on insights, like creating goals in Viva Goals based on priorities extracted from documents.
  • Targeting Copilot rollout to high-impact employees also aligns with targeting Viva capabilities to those who will drive the most value.
  • Pairing Copilot and Viva together enhances both experiences and unlocks new ways to transform how people work.

Read Transcript

My favorite topics to talk about are probably employee experience, intranets, communication and things like that, as well as, of course, AI and Copilot. And what better way to talk about those than when they get combined together? When you have the power of Microsoft Viva combined with the power of Copilot for Microsoft 365, and you jam them and crush them and blend them together, you get some really interesting, exciting results.

That's what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about Copilot for Microsoft 365. When you have Microsoft Viva and you're licensed for it, for the Viva suite, and how those things blend together in really exciting ways. Let's talk about this from a really simple example.

One of the things that Copilot provides is helping you catch up with what's going on across the organization. Say what happened in a meeting recently or what you might want to follow up on in your organization. But it also provides signals and data from places like Viva Engage, helping you understand what are trending topics and conversations and how you might be able to participate in them.

In this example, we see that there's a question around one-on-one meetings and the difficulty of prioritization and discussing prioritization with your manager. Let's use that as an avenue to explore more. We're going to choose to learn about prioritization here, and we're going to see that Copilot is going to aggregate signals just like it does when I'm preparing for meetings or doing other activities across the organization from many places.

It's aggregating signals in this example, coming from our Viva Engage experience, helping us understand what are all the posts that are revolved around the term or topic of prioritization. We can also see things around sentiment because I'm a leader in the organization, so I have leader capabilities, capital L leader capabilities in Viva Engage. And so that helps me understand how people are talking about these topics and how I can engage with them.

It also gives me some interesting insights. We have a marketing priorities document with some top initiatives. So that's a SharePoint data signal being mapped right against a Glint one.

Again, I have access to Glint to see things like our employee scoring to understand prioritization was a piece of feedback that is negative, meaning that we need to do better on prioritization and that it had an impact on collaboration and work-life balance. It's actually a really good highlight.

Prioritization really is probably something that there's some meat to where there are some ways we can improve it based on direct signals from something like Viva Glint and indirect signals from something like Viva Insights as you see in that last example with the hybrid workforce report suggesting that there has been one on one time with managers decreasing, and then that decrease might lead to a lot of prioritization angst or gaps because again, a lot of people get that prioritization guidance and alignment from managers.

This is one of many examples, but it really starts to show you what you can do. Take something like goals and what you could do with that data. I could then take that and say, well, let's look at all the goals in the organization that deal with prioritization. Maybe we need to get new emphasis on Viva Goals to calibrate and understand the cascading flow of priorities and how we can improve that because Viva Goals is a huge tool for improving prioritization and the employee experience.

The idea here is that we can use the employee experience capabilities of Viva alongside our experiences in something like Copilot, not just allowing us to understand things, but to action it.

Let's talk about an actionable example in that previous one that we just had. Let's say I want to help align and set some goals based on some new targets I've been given. In particular, I want to grab those from a marketing initiatives document, and when I share those things from the marketing initiatives document, it's going to then aggregate, extract from that and predict what goals might be applicable there.

I can now add these to Microsoft Viva Goals. I can refine them further by talking with the Copilot more. Again, you see this idea of taking things like office applications and the Copilot for Microsoft 365 experience and blending it quite seamlessly with Microsoft Viva. This doesn't mean you have to use Microsoft Copilot or Copilot for Microsoft 365 to get these outcomes.

There are Copilot experiences in each of the Viva applications, but when you combine them in this way, it all of a sudden makes the same applications and experiences in Viva that much more accessible. And here's the kicker. We know that the best way to roll out Copilot is to target those users who have high digital debt and could really benefit from it first, so that they can be your influencers, your stakeholders, and your champions.

Think of it like this. The people who drive the most collaboration, value and impact in your organization is often a really small percentage of the organization. If we can give them tools like Copilot, the ROI is going to be really significant because anytime we give them back means they're going to be able to impact and help more people.

What's more is we know that those same people are the ones that you should target for, say, Teams premium, giving them capabilities for Teams premium to make them more productive because they often organize a lot of meetings and they have a lot of benefits they get from Teams premium.

They're the same people that you give Viva Suite to, the same people that have the capabilities where they need Viva Insights premium to improve their productivity, or they need Viva Goals to coordinate and collaborate around prioritization across the organization more.

Or they're the same people that really benefit from being active participants in sharing and creating learning, collections and academies, and other types of material because they create teams and they create SharePoint sites, and they create a lot of coordination and support around learning and behaviors across the organization like that. And the list goes on and on.

They're the same people who should be leaders in Viva Engage, the same people who are capital l and lowercase l leaders in Viva Engage who might want to run AMA events or benefit from the new leader reports that you get within Viva Engage are the same people who would probably do multi-channel distribution of communication, again, communicating across many places with Viva Amplify.

The Viva Suite directly aligns with the same users that you're often going to target with Copilot. And because of that, thinking about how they work together and the ways in which we can lead with Copilot helps people understand how they can transform the way they work and then introduce through that Copilot experience.

Many of these Viva capabilities are a really rich and interesting value proposition, and we're early in our processes, but we're already seeing how these correlated experiences can make a world of difference.

I hope this has been a bit insightful for you. If you're excited about how Microsoft Viva can enhance the Copilot for Microsoft 365 experience, then I'm right there with you because I think there's so much more we can do with these tools when they're paired together.

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