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9 Ways to Use Copilot (AI) to Improve the Digital Workplace

August 11, 2023
6 min read
9 Ways to Use Copilot (AI) to Improve the Digital Workplace
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The evolution of the digital workspace necessitates innovative solutions to enhance productivity, personalize learning, and empower employees to become more self-sufficient. Microsoft Copilot, an AI-powered virtual assistant integrated within the Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva platforms, is a pioneering tool designed to fulfill these requirements.

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In the following blog, we will delve into the primary use cases of Microsoft Copilot that make it a game-changer in the modern workspace environment: its ability to provide contextual guidance, deliver personalized learning experiences, and reduce employees' dependence on organization understanding or IT support. These features streamline work processes and foster a more efficient, engaging, and independent work culture.

When we look at Microsoft Copilot, we must recognize that it and AI affect each digital experience, whether communication, collaboration, management or the general digital workplace and employee experiences today.

Before diving into the blog, to better understand how AI will impact every aspect of Employee Experience, download our recently updated EX whitepaper with 20+ pages on Microsoft Copilot (AI).

Crafting Better Experiences with Microsoft Copilot

We have identified and quickly explain eight areas AI is improving experiences across the digital workplace and employee experience, today.

Those areas are:

·      Accelerate and Optimize Communication

·      Accelerate and Optimize Collaboration

·      Accelerate and Optimize Management

·      Summarization and Simplification of Communication

·      Provide Research Assistance

·      Provide Intelligent Recaps

·      Help with Tone Awareness and Messaging Style

·      Provide Writing Support in the Flow Of Work

·      Provide Suggestions and Recommendations

Now, let's reveal how these areas and how AI will improve them!

Accelerate and Optimize Communication with AI

Microsoft Copilot excels and optimizes communication within organizations. It accomplishes this by utilizing its state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to interpret and respond to queries or commands conversationally. This feature allows users to interact with data and systems more naturally and intuitively, significantly reducing task time.

In addition, it encourages clearer communication by providing real-time suggestions to improve clarity and coherence. This way, Microsoft Copilot fosters an environment where communication is not a hurdle but a conduit for productivity and collaboration.

Take a look at these examples of Business Chat in Teams using Microsoft Copilot below.

Accelerate and Optimize Collaboration with AI

When individuals collaborate, we know it leads to better results in almost every business task. There is a saying that 1+1=3 when it comes to collaboration because the sum is greater than the whole of the parts, which means that what people can accomplish together is more significant than what they can ever do individually.

When you introduce Microsoft Copilot it acts as an AI copilot to each individual, so when two individuals collaborate and both have access to Microsoft Copilot, you don't just see the benefit from one, but an exponential benefit from each individual as they each use AI in different ways during the collaboration process. So, with Copilot, we can now look at this equation as 1xAI + 1xAI = Exponentially more impact than before.

Accelerate and Optimize Management with AI

AI can provide skills not just to skills in apps or technology but also in other fields and areas of expertise. The data it was trained on includes massive information on business best practices, management theory, psychology, and more.

We always recommend thinking about management as it relates to technology first, from managing yourself as an employee or leader, then managing your team, and finally managing your group or organization. When it comes to Microsoft Copilot, it can provide intelligent benefits at each level.

Watch this video for a more on how AI is impact managers and leaders.

Use AI for Summarization and Simplification of Communication

In the information-laden business world, quickly summarizing and condensing information is paramount. Microsoft Copilot's summarization feature comes into play here, processing large volumes of data and presenting essential information concisely.

It can analyze documents, emails, and other written content, drawing out key points and summarizing them effectively. This functionality aids employees in digesting information more quickly and making informed decisions without spending excessive time on data processing.

Use AI to Provide Research Assistance

Microsoft Copilot is an invaluable research assistant, simplifying the often time-consuming information-gathering process. By leveraging its advanced machine learning capabilities, Copilot can perform comprehensive research on a broad range of topics, retrieve relevant data, and present it in an organized manner. This feature empowers employees to focus on higher-order tasks, reducing the burden of information retrieval and promoting a more efficient workflow.

Microsoft Copilot AI - Loop example

The whiteboard is summarized after an interactive brainstorming session for continued discussion and uses in this simple example above.

Use AI to Provide Intelligent Recaps

One of the standout features of Microsoft Copilot is its intelligent recap capability. This feature is designed to keep track of the progress of various tasks and discussions, providing a concise recap when necessary. It automatically generates summaries of meetings, tasks, or projects, ensuring all team members are updated with the latest information. This results in greater alignment within the team, reducing the possibility of miscommunication and enhancing overall execution.

Use AI to Help with Tone Awareness and Messaging Style

When it comes to optimizing communication, you may have already used AI tools like Microsoft Copilot to take on a persona enabling interactive dialog and feedback or leveraging a particular person's writing can help craft your writing to mimic that style when writing for someone else or working to elevate your own communication.

This can even be used in testing or preparing for interactive discussions. In the below example using OpenAI's ChatGPT, which you could easily recreate in Microsoft Copilot, you can see an example of a complete sample dialog that might help someone in the learning process or improve their pre-planned responses to get the desired communication outcome.

Microsoft Copilot AI - Loop example

Understanding the nuances of human communication is a challenging task. Still, Microsoft Copilot's tone awareness and messaging style capabilities can provide these skills to many who can use them like a personal coach.

Use AI to Provide Writing Support in the Flow Of Work

Microsoft Copilot's writing support is another feature that significantly enhances work efficiency. It offers real-time grammar and spelling checks, ensuring professional, error-free content creation.

It also provides contextual writing suggestions, helping users express their thoughts more clearly and persuasively. This feature is handy in today's remote work environment, where written communication is vital in daily operations.

This often doesn't just mean summarizing, optimizing, or researching, as noted before, but actively being a part of the process in aligning styling and improving the writing, formatting, and editing process itself.

Microsoft Copilot writing support

Use AI to Provide Suggestions and Recommendations

Whether you are looking for brainstorming support, starter content, best practices feedback, or more, Microsoft Copilot provides many ways to leverage it to provide recommendations and support the process. Like the acceleration and optimization of communication and collaboration, it's worth noting this is the beginning of the AI journey for many. Over time we will probably all use AI to provide recommendations to us outside of the context of our active and planned work.

This might naturally happen when writing and crafting content, such as a good enterprise social post in Microsoft Viva Engage, suggesting step-by-step ways to improve the content or quality of the social post. These recommendations naturally appear in the prompt itself based on the context of the previous copilot discussion and where and what you are working on, such as in the image below.

Copilot chat preview

This results in suggested questions based on other contextually relevant references/information available within your organization, such as the two questions outlined in the image below.

Copilot chat example 2

This doesn't just lead to better content, but it leads to more usage of Microsoft Copilot's AI-powered capabilities in all parts of the digital employee experience.

How can I learn more?

There are several ways you can better grasp how to leverage AI in the digital workplace and improve the employee experience. Of course, you can contact us and visit our YouTube channel, filled with videos to better understand how to leverage Copilot, some of which were included in this blog.

In addition, you can download our latest whitepaper on the employee experience for free, which was recently updated with 20+ pages on how Microsoft Copilot.

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