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Migrating from SharePoint Server, file shares, or numerous other systems to Microsoft 365 is about more than just copying the content from A to B. It is about optimizing, restructuring, and improving the content to take advantage of Microsoft 365 capabilities better. We know who the best migration vendors are and work with them to deliver quality and success to our customers’ migration needs.

Our team has supported hundreds of migrations to Microsoft 365.

Our migration tools can optimize, organize, and manage not just migrate.

Our partners support 45+ different source services, systems, and servers.

Migrate from Slack, Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, Google, and many other services.

Migrate from Documentum, Livelink, eDocs, FileNet, and other legacy servers.

Migrate Teams to Teams, SharePoint to SharePoint, and more in tenant migrations.

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    Our Migration Solution Partners


    Simple and easy migration at its finest

    ShareGate is renowned for providing an easy-to-use tool that has and continues to enable thousands of successful migrations for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. ShareGate is a premier solution in the migration space and can simplify and aid in the complex migration of many systems to your Microsoft 365 digital workplace. They are truly the simplest way for IT to succeed with a faster transition to the Microsoft cloud.

    • Source analysis makes the planning, risk analysis, and estimating easier to help you prepare for a snag-free migration.
    • Unlimited data, no server installation, and award-winning technical support make migration simpler.
    • Incremental, scheduled, and automated. The solution will ensure your metadata is intact throughout the migration process while enabling you to test your migration at scale with scripting and more.
    • Modernize your site architecture and leverage Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, Modern SharePoint sites, and more to adapt your architecture to enable modern workloads.
    • Support for migrating SharePoint workflows and Nintex workflows helps ShareGate stand apart from the competition if you have Nintex in your environment.
    • Save time and streamline administrative tasks by managing and optimizing permissions, metadata, and file structures with built-in reports and tooling.


    End-to-end solutions for migration at its finest

    Quest provides enterprise-scale and well-rounded cloud solutions ready to quickly and effectively take you from platform migration to cloud deployments. Security and governance are other areas that their solution shines. They began their own quest in 1987 and have packed those years of IT knowledge into their latest offerings, covering the breadth of Microsoft 365 services and applications.

    • Comprehensive and rich capabilities for SharePoint migrations, including pre-migration assessments, content migration, better management and administration, faster recovery and optimization of storage/performance, improved governance and security, simplified data protection, and more.
    • Comprehensive and rich Teams migration, management, auditing, reporting, data protection, and security solutions.
    • Whether from Lotus Notes, Tenant-to-tenant, file systems/file shares, existing SharePoint Servers, or more – Quest has a variety of migration and management solutions that are worth exploring and understanding.


    Legacy system migration at its finest

    Simplify your data migration with the help of Tzunami’s migration tooling. They have targeted solutions that enable you to automate and simplify migrating from confluence, eRoom, Documentum, LiveLink, DocuShare, eDocs, Hummingbird, HPE Content Manager, Lotus Notes, Atlassian Confluence, Egnyte, BIM 360, and many more.

    • Multi-source tooling that handles an incredible breadth of SharePoint migration requirements
    • Automates the process of migrating unstructured content, legacy content, and more into modern Microsoft 365 capabilities such as SharePoint Online
    • 42+ different source systems supported with analysis, delta migration, security management/migration, filtering, metadata migration, value/property mapping, link resolution, scheduling, and automation


    Enterprise-scale and breadth at its finest

    AvePoint offers an incredible breadth of products and services that make it easier and speedier to accomplish tasks whether your organization is all in with the cloud or in a Hybrid state. These products/services include Cloud Archiving, Cloud Backup, Citizen Services, File Share navigation (from in M365), GroupHub, Cloud Insights, Cloud Management, MyHub, Cloud Governance, Policies & Insights, Cloud Records, Administrator, Archiver, Backup & Restore, Compliance Guardian Platform, Connector, Content Manager, Data Validation, Classification & Protection, Deployment Manager, Discovery Tooling, Enterprise Risk Management, File Share Archiver, Cloud & SharePoint Migration, Governance Automation, Meetings, High Availability, Office Connect, Perimeter, Records, Replicator, Report Center and Storage Manager.

    • Migrate, move, restructure, and transform collaborative content faster, more reliably, and with greater fidelity.
    • Manage, automate governance, scale adoption, and improve IT operations while simplifying oversight and collaboration.
    • Protect, reduce more risk by improving processes, content security, and compliance across more collaboration platforms.

    In-Depth Microsoft 365 and Digital Workplace Knowledge

    From multiple award winning Microsoft MVPs to our Neilson Norman award winners, we have endless endless experiences to pull from. What is our goal? To help organizations build a better digital workplace experience.


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