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Share Now App

Using the Share Now app in Microsoft Teams, individuals can add bite-sized snippets of the content that they want to share with others in their organization. The content can be a post, video, blog, or podcast. Users can also use the app to add posts to their list, get a more tailored list of content posts and get a weekly or daily digest.

Share Now App
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Organizations have multiple ways to share posts today through Yammer and the Communities app. Some organizations want a simpler and more tailored sharing experience, with categories, and control to share bite-sized snippets of content that they want others to be able to find, bookmark, or be updated on in a monthly or weekly digest.

  • Discover new content shared across Organization
  • Search for content posts based on preference such as filtering based on tags, type of content, etc.
  • If a post looks interesting to you, upvote the content post and add it to your private list (bookmark it to read later)
  • Collaborate using the Messaging, share your favorite reads with your colleagues
  • Install the app in a team and set up your monthly or weekly digest as per your preferences to stay updated on the topics
  • Configure a tab in a Channel filtered based on tags to learn together
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