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Shopping Cart Printer App

Built on Microsoft SharePoint, the 2toLead Shopping Cart Print-On-Demand App allows your staff to add documents to a shopping cart and define the required quantities. An order will be placed, and the files will be printed. An email receipt will be sent out for each request to keep a record of each print order.

Shopping Cart Printer App
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The Shopping Cart Printer Solution enables simple, rich, and secure printing experiences, while reducing time and effort for IT. Staff can add documents to a cart and request the quantities, they need for their next presentation à la carte.

  • Browse approved documents and request print-outs.
  • Can add multiple documents at a time and define individual quantities for each required for printing.
  • Ability to remove, edit and update your print requests via the shopping cart.
  • Include personalized message with your request for special details.
  • Automated email notifications outlining print order details.
  • Improved process automation.
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