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SharePoint Syntex Assessment

Using the SharePoint Syntex Assessment enables you to gather data about your SharePoint libraries and generate a Power BI report with recommendations of where Syntex might fit and bring added value to your organization. These recommendations are based on factors such as the size and structure of libraries, the existing use of metadata or content types, and the use of retention labels.

SharePoint Syntex Assessment
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This assessment tool can be used to report on the distribution and configuration of SharePoint libraries, content types and more to help identify areas of opportunity for content and document automation, understanding and enrichment. There are several reports available in the results of the assessment:

  • Libraries with custom columns and the libraries that use the most columns.
  • Column usage to identify columns that are commonly used across your document libraries, by name or by type.
  • Libraries with custom content types to identify libraries that are enabled to use custom content types. It will also show libraries that are using the most content types.
  • Content type usage to help you to identify content types that are heavily used, both by number of files and locations.
  • Library size, and libraries with retention labels which both help identify targets for content understanding/enrichment that Syntex can automate.
  • Library modernization status can indicate libraries that should still be modernized to take advantage of new capabilities and features like Syntex.

Prebuilt model candidates and Syntex Model Usage can both provide libraries and content types where the name matches the ready-to-use models, or where Syntex is leveraged today and items that have been classified.

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