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New Employee Departmental Onboarding Sites

Set new hires up for success by connecting them to their division or region teams. Share departmental announcements and news, welcome new hires, and build community and culture among workgroups by customizing the Department onboarding site to fit your organization's needs.

New Employee Departmental Onboarding Sites
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Here, users need to learn about departmental leadership, culture, goals, and resources. Use the departmental onboarding site to provide access to communication channels, training guides, and events relevant to new hires. Consider associating departmental onboarding sites with existing department portals if you have them.

Pre-populated content:

Homepage - Provide a high-level view of significant concepts relevant to new hires.

Getting started – Help users quickly understand onboarding tasks, departmental procedures, and anything else that will help new hires be successful.

Meet the team – Introduce new hires to people, the organization structure and goals on the Leadership, The organization, and Our priorities pages. Edit the Call-to-Action web part to include links and images. Or, link to an existing team page instead.

Help &support - Highlight where to go for support and consider creating a FAQ section.

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