Make every
move count
when navigating
your intranet and
digital workplace.

Understand the Opportunities Microsoft SharePoint Navigation Presents

In today’s world, the digital workplace empowers organizations to adapt and be resilient to the changes we are all experiencing. Today, effective digital workplace design is about more than establishing a great digital hub for your digital workplace (your Intranet) and is much more about how we can improve digital experience, excellence, productivity, and collaboration with the effective use of technology.

While navigation is the #1 use case for an Intranet and its most crucial purpose, many fail to deliver dynamic and personalized navigation.

When navigation is broken or poorly implemented, it is easy for a simple task to take exponentially longer than necessary. Knowing the best place to share a specific document, where there might be applicable reference material, or who the best supportive experts/team members are for some work you are performing can be a challenge in most organizations and better navigation design can greatly improve these experiences.

A Major Step Towards Better Intranet Navigation

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