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Our Microsoft Inspire 2022 Highlights

July 22, 2022
2.5 min read
Our Microsoft Inspire 2022 Highlights

Another year, another incredible Microsoft Inspire! The event was true to its name with several game-changing announcements and updates that will truly leave you inspired.

If you aren’t familiar with the event, take a second to read below, if you are familiar, skip ahead to our highlights!

About Microsoft Inspire

Each year, Microsoft hosts Inspire to celebrate, recognize and acknowledge their industry partners. Microsoft believes every business in every industry will continue to incorporate digital technologies into the way they work to generate more and more value. The aim of the yearly event is to enable collaboration between partners in order to infuse the technology with the way they and their clients work.

In addition, any Microsoft event is sure to be filled with exciting updates on features and new product announcements. Inspire 2022 was no different with both new product announcements and many new features.

Our Top Microsoft Inspire 2022 Highlight

As mentioned, there was no shortage of news coming out of Inspire. However, our CTO and Microsoft MVP, Richard Harbridge (@RHarbridge) is here to help navigate the storm of new products, improvements, and updates to existing practices and software.

Below is a list of the top 6 topics from Microsoft Inspire with clips of Richard analyzing and illustrating the shocking possibilities now available:  

  • Employee Wellbeing Report Overview
  • New Teams Webinar Features
  • New Viva Learning Features
  • Shared Channels in Microsoft
  • New Updates Experience
  • Introducing Microsoft Viva Engage

Employee Wellbeing Report Overview

Have you wondered what the status of employee wellbeing is in today’s remote and hybrid-heavy workplaces? In this overview video, Richard highlights the most valuable information from Microsoft’s annual Employee Wellbeing report.

New Teams Webinar Features

Whether your audience is internal or external, Teams continues to carve its place as a top choice for hosting virtual events. In the video above, Richard takes a moment to focus on the new Microsoft Teams webinar features announced at Microsoft Inspire 2022.

New Viva Learning Features

Microsoft Viva learning keeps improving with new features! Join Richard as he explore the new capabilities available.

Shared Channels in Microsoft

Rejoice! You no longer need to change tenants in Teams to engage with an external audience! In this video, Richard identifies how to make good use of the new shared channels feature.

New Updates Experience

A brand-new experience was released by Microsoft that is designed for front line workers. Richard explains how this Updates Experience can make your life easier through mobile accessibility and greater workforce behavioral analytics.

Introducing Microsoft Viva Engage

In this video, Richard explains how this new Microsoft update creates a new entry-point for employees to express themselves and connect with their team and greater organization.

The Road To A Better Employee Experience & Digital Workplace

Innovation at Microsoft is at an all-time high! However, you can rest assured that 2toLead is ready to lead you to EX and Digital Workplace excellence! How you ask? Our company is proudly lead by two long-time Microsoft MVPs for a combined total of 20 years.

Let our pros guide your organization in the right direction!

Take the next step to be a better EX & Digital Workplace
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