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Microsoft 365 Adoption Whitepaper Updated

May 4, 2021
4.5 min read
Microsoft 365 Adoption Whitepaper Updated
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More and more companies are adopting newer technology solutions in the workplace. The reason is simple, these technologies are either required to stay competitive or will push your business to the next level of success. You need to embrace these new technologies, and more importantly, you need to secure your investment and the intended outcome of the solution.

Driving adoption is crucial to employee effectiveness, efficiency, and business costs. Luckily, we have just what you need to heighten the chances of Microsoft 365 adoption. We’re happy to announce we just updated our Microsoft Adoption whitepaper, and it is full of everything you need to know to increase Microsoft 365 adoption in your organization.

This whitepaper contains information on:

  • Our approach to Microsoft 365 success planning
  • Driving technology adoption
  • Adoption campaigns
  • Adoption activities that help
  • Adoption activity checklists

The purpose of this blog is to give you a glimpse at what to expect from the different sections of our 70+ page whitepaper, and we are sure you will see something that resonates with you and your situation.

Our Approach To Microsoft 365 Success Planning

2toLead uses an adoption framework to plan Microsoft 365 success. We have found that by investing in key areas, a customer can significantly improve Microsoft 365 adoption and its impact. What follows is a simple diagram that helps communicate the areas we encourage customers to invest in.

encourage areas of approach for successful Microsoft adoption

Investment focus areas that can be used to improve technology adoption. 

Technology governance and adoption is a vast subject that is potentially time-consuming for any organization to tackle. Our approach is to present and educate each customer on best practices in the context of their organization. The intent is to provide the guidance and tools you need to successfully deliver and implement a practical and achievable Microsoft 365 strategy.

To ensure greater success with Microsoft 365, we recommend every organization follow a few key steps to improve adoption strategy and planning. Find them by downloading our whitepaper.

Driving technology adoption

Getting more people to use technology is important, but getting people to use more of the technology is just as important, if not more important, than getting them to use it. Successful adoption isn’t measured in infrequent and basic use of technology; it’s measured in impact and maximizing the benefits the technology provides on an ongoing basis.  

adoption process - Successful adoption is about more than just usage.

*Successful adoption is about more than just usage.

To help drive successful adoption, you need to drive user awareness and guide user understanding. In this section of our whitepaper, you will find suggestions to improve both awareness and guidance through the use of carefully crafted adoption campaigns, tips, contests, challenges, and activities.

Adoption Campaigns

When we surveyed and interviewed hundreds of organizations, we learned that combining adoption activities in a campaign with a clear start, end, and measurements dramatically increase the impact of those adoption activities. What’s more, connecting and tying activities together increases the chances of users retaining information, learning, and participation levels.
This approach of time boxing and coordinating activities can work as a targeted campaign for a new set of Microsoft 365 capabilities, like the roll-out of SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, or Exchange. It can also be a great way to emphasize new capabilities that come with each major improvement in Microsoft 365.

Sample of a Microsoft 365 adoption campaign (a subset of a broader roadmap).
Sample of a Microsoft 365 adoption campaign (a subset of a broader roadmap).

Download our whitepaper for a detailed look at adoption campaigns.

Additional Adoption Activities

For us to realize the value we want, we have to get our users to adopt the new technology and change the way they work. The activities shared in this section were discovered based on experience, extensive research, assessments, and work done with Microsoft and analyst agencies.  

In our whitepaper, we provide a wide variety of adoption activities for the following:

  • Leadership Activities: Making Microsoft 365 Successful
  • Awareness Activities: Helping people use Microsoft 365
  • Education Activities: Helping people understand the value of Microsoft 365

The activities also translate to on-premises server technology like SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, and more. Here is an adoption activity example that can provide a small taste of what you can expect from the activities, including suggested timing and effort level.

example Microsoft 365 adoption activity

Adoption Activities Checklist

We included adoption activity checklists that you can use to track which activities you have completed or which ones you plan on completing as you improve adoption within your enterprise. The activities are listed according to the category, along with their level of effort (LOE).

Here are a couple adoption pre-launch checklist examples for leadership and awareness that correspond to the activities described in the previous section.

example Microsoft 365 adoption activity checklists

Adopt better strategies with our help

Your modern workplace is waiting to be used to its fullest potential and is ready to help guide your business to tremendous success by ensuring your workforce is informed, happy and efficient.

You have rolled out Microsoft 365, but you will need to leverage and adopt the solutions to gain all its benefits. Download our whitepaper to unlock a better digital workplace and more productive workforce.

The Next Step to Better Adoption
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