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Insuring your Microsoft 365 Investment

October 7, 2021
4.5 min read
Insuring your Microsoft 365 Investment
Case Study Details
Org Size: 5,000-9,999

This large insurance organization of 17,000 employees was looking to improve the impact and success of Microsoft 365 throughout the organization. While there was some usage of Microsoft 365 in the organization, there were many opportunities to improve usage, deploy new capabilities, and help users get more out of Office 365.

In this case study, 2toLead worked to deliver a set of services and activities that helped their organization get more out of Office 365 and achieve greater levels of digital workplace success.

The situation

Historically, they were an IBM shop. However, they had been in the process of migrating to Microsoft’s suite of applications. Educating and bringing champions as well as experienced users along the journey to embrace Microsoft technologies was critical to achieving high performance across the organization.

With 17,000 employees, speaking 6 languages, and an extensive international footprint, it was critical for staff to have the ability to coordinate and work more effectively together. Over two-thirds of all employees needed to learn new Microsoft technologies and new ways of working.

Their Center Of Excellence for collaboration and communities was inexperienced around Microsoft technologies. While they had experts for aspects of the technology, they weren’t experts on strategy, when to use what, or how to effectively drive awareness and adoption.

The insurance organization emphasized an investment into digital skills and digital technologies as a differentiator and advantage that they saw as critical for continued marketplace dominance/success. They needed to improve their current skills while also developing a strategy and approach that would allow them to continue investing, leading, and differentiating.  

The solution

The organization received a tailored questionnaire to help accelerate our shared understanding of the current state of Microsoft 365 within the organization as it relates to technology governance and adoption planning.

Together we evaluated key roles and role readiness. This large insurance organization scored exceptionally well. We then assessed existing guidance/policies. Together we found gaps and opportunities to improve these guidance and policy documents.

Based on our gap analysis, we provided an immense amount of detailed recommendations on Governance, policies, roles, and responsibilities. Including some samples to help accelerate the development of key policies.

Our team of technology and business experts developed, facilitated, and recorded multiple tailored training sessions based on four modules to audiences like internal champions, coaches, help desk, and more. These training sessions included ‘ask the expert’ style questions and answers as well as tips and techniques for more experienced users on how to get more out of the technology.

We provided Microsoft 365 metric guidance for how to best measure, track and evaluate the success of Microsoft 365 in the organization. Going beyond basic usage statistics, we recommended additional reports to assess and even provided samples of the reports to accelerate creation.

As leaders in the adoption space, we shared considerable guidance to help accelerate and support the development of campaigns.

We often go above and beyond in our work with customers (it’s why we have been named generous), and this organization was no exception.

We did several things pro-actively and at no additional cost to this customer that immensely helped them be more successful with Microsoft 365:

  1. We noticed several issues within the way customizations had been implemented in the environment and pro-actively shared comprehensive guidance (including source code) on how to correct these issues and avoid these missteps in the future.
  2. Due to a notable gap in enterprise social planning, we pro-actively provided 60+ pages of detailed guidance and met with leaders to answer questions and share best practices.

The results

The organization has a clear strategy for Governance, adoption, and the tools to enable them to successfully lead their large user base in this transition as they grow their digital skills with Microsoft 365 and transform business processes.

The adoption and center of excellence approach based on our work will scale and be leveraged. This approach is not limited to Microsoft 365 but for all digital skills, including a sizable and important set of non-Microsoft technologies like Quickr and Confluence Wiki, and others.  

In the process of supporting users on this change management journey to Microsoft 365, the organization updated Microsoft 365 for all users, transitioned to Outlook from Lotus, prepared and deployed OneDrive for Business, encouraged and rolled out Delve, leveraged Intune for more protection/control, and deployed SharePoint Online for their Intranet, and a considerable number of team sites.  

Some other benefits that were realized include:

  • Recognition of gaps in Governance, guidance, policies, and metrics.
  • Definition and direction on tracking effective adoption and engagement with Office 365 technologies using measures and metrics.
  • Greater levels of executive engagement
  • Improvement in champion/leader satisfaction and user confidence.  
  • Users now have access to a set of Microsoft 365 training materials, new policies, and guidance.
  • Advances implementing the SharePoint Intranet and team spaces (branding and customization improvements to better align with OOTB capabilities and the Microsoft roadmap).

How we can help your organization

We hope our Microsoft Office 365 case study has provided you with insight into the capabilities of the application suite and our team. If you are looking for more insights into Microsoft 365 and your digital workplace but aren’t ready to contact us, feel free to download our free resources, packed with our knowledge and expertise.

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Case Study Details
Org Size: 5,000-9,999

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