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Ignite November 2021 Highlights: Never A Better Time To Upgrade Or Migrate

November 5, 2021
3.5 min read
Ignite November 2021 Highlights: Never A Better Time To Upgrade Or Migrate

Microsoft Ignite is full of incredible announcements around improvements to what Microsoft is planning to offer in the not-so-distant future. While Ignite the Tour was missed by many worldwide for another year, we did have two incredible Microsoft Ignites, packed with new and exciting innovations.

Ignite the Hybrid Workplace

With much of the business world learning the advantages and how to optimize hybrid workplaces, it was evident that Microsoft would develop so much to provide answers and solutions to a lot of the world’s questions and needs.

The desire and need for change don’t only come from C-Level executives in need of adapting their business models. 58% percent of employees want to go back to the office to do more focused work and, the same percentage of individuals wish to continue to work from home for the same reason.

Ignite announcements make it a no brainer to upgrade and/or migrate

Our CTO and Microsoft MVP, Richard Harbridge, put together a few videos to highlight some of the more innovative and economic Ignite highlights that might allow your company to see the power of an up-to-date Microsoft 365 suite. These will make the shift to a hybrid workplace not only easier but more economical.

This blog will look at the highlights in two categories: financial & innovative wins.

If you want to understand what it would take to migrate or upgrade to Microsoft 365, register for our free webinar with our incredible partner AvePoint.

Two big financial wins for Microsoft coming out of Ignite November 2021

Microsoft continues to get better at understand how price Microsoft Viva, and Power Apps just became a lot more practical.

Major Power Apps Pricing News

If we told you that the most exciting Power Apps news was around pricing, would you find that hard to believe?

This change means a big barrier is removed for many organizations looking to do more with Power Apps. We asked Richard about it and he shared some insights on what the change of pricing is and why it matters.

Do More, Pay Less with Microsoft Viva Pricing Bundle

Microsoft Viva pricing has already improved, and another improvement is on the way, the Microsoft Viva bundle! Learn what that means for organizations leveraging Viva and newcomers alike.

Two big innovative wins for Microsoft coming out of Ignite 2021

From breaking down a huge Microsoft Teams barrier to a promise kept in the form of a new solution, the innovation was incredible this Ignite. Here are two we thought you would want to know more about.

Shared Channels Are Coming To Teams

Microsoft Teams Channels are an incredible aspect of Microsoft Teams and they are about to get even better with Shared Channels! If you haven’t heard of shared channels in Teams, be sure to watch this video where you will also get a better understanding of its potential impact on sprawl.

New apps mean new governance considerations (like Microsoft Loop) but subtle announcements like shared channels can have sweeping consequences. We asked Richard for his perspective on this and what it means for sprawl and governance.

Download our eBook to get ahead of the most common sprawl issues that plague Microsoft 365 digital workplaces everywhere.

Microsoft Loop

Microsoft Ignite November 2021 was full of announcements. However, Microsoft Loop stood out from the crowd in a big way! If you need want to understand the solution, this next video is for you.

Ready for a more hybrid-ready suite of applications?

Microsoft has exploded in the past couple years with speedy and impactful innovation! If you are looking for all of the most important updates from November’s Ignite, keep an eye out for a special episode of David Francoeur‘s ongoing M365 Digital Workplace Updates series coming out next week.

Also, don’t forget to find out how to plan and execute your SharePoint upgrade and/or migration in a webinar with our incredible partner AvePoint. This webinar will help make sure that your switch or upgrade to the most recent version of Microsoft 365 goes as smoothly as possible.


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