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How Will Attending Our Free EX Masterclass on May 31st Help You Improve Employee Experience, Engagement, and Well-being?

May 9, 2023
6 min read
How Will Attending Our Free EX Masterclass on May 31st Help You Improve Employee Experience, Engagement, and Well-being?

Are you struggling to increase productivity in your flexible work environment and do more with less? Do you want to unlock the full potential of your workforce and boost your bottom line? Then join our upcoming expert-led masterclass, which uses Microsoft 365, Microsoft Viva, and Microsoft Copilot to help you improve employee engagement, through better onboarding, retention, and well-being.

If this is what you've been looking for, register here, or, if you're wondering why it would be worth your time, read on to find out what the latest research is saying about Employee Engagement, and how our Masterclass will help.

EX Masterclass | Improve Onboarding, Retention and Well-being with Microsoft 365, Viva, and Copilot

What does the latest research say about Employee Engagement?

According to the latest Work Trend Index report from Microsoft, companies with highly engaged employees focus on two things: clear communication via intentional employee communications and goal setting, and using data to build a powerful "feedback flywheel" to continuously improve over time. 

In fact, research shows that high employee engagement correlates with stronger financial performance, with engaged companies outperforming the least engaged companies by 2x.

During our masterclass, you'll learn how to create a positive work environment that fosters employee engagement, well-being, and retention, using the latest Microsoft technologies, by starting at the source, Onboarding, and then moving on to other key areas of EX. 

Key Finding from Microsoft's Work Trend Index Report

Here are just a few of the key findings from the report that we'll cover:

  1. Employee engagement matters to the bottom line, especially amid economic uncertainty. Research shows that organizations that doubled down on employee engagement in times of economic uncertainty performed twice as well financially as organizations that deprioritized it.
  2. Clear communication and goals unlock employee engagement. Employees at highly engaged organizations are 46% more likely to see their organizations as strong communicators, 37% more likely to express confidence in leadership, and 16% more likely to be clear on what to focus on than the least engaged organizations.
  3. To sustain engagement, build a feedback flywheel. Employees at highly engaged organizations are 40% more likely to have confidence that their feedback will lead to action, and they're 56% more likely to say their organizations continually improve processes.
  4. Engagement and productivity are mutually reinforcing. On average, each additional point of engagement reported by employees correlated with a +$46,511 difference in market cap per employee.

It's clearer than ever that Employee Engagement is not only the right thing to do but worth the investment.

So, it's a no-brainer, from a financial and conscientious perspective, to attend our masterclass, where you'll hear from Richard Harbridge on how to improve employee engagement and experience using Microsoft 365, Microsoft Viva, and Microsoft Copilot. Wondering who Richard Harbridge is? On top of being the CTO of 2toLead, Richard is a celebrated speaker known globally, and locally. He has spoken at many conferences such as Ragan, major Microsoft conferences, Reworked, and many more. In addition, he has helped solve EX and Digital Workplace challenges for hundreds of organizations.

"Great but what are you going to cover in the masterclass?" If you want details, we got them! Now that you know the why, find the details of what we'll cover below.

Get a snapshot of the event below or take a look at the event page for additional details. 

Free Virtual Masterclass Details

During this expert-led masterclass, you'll learn how to avoid new and old challenges, build on existing success, and leverage the latest technology, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Viva, and Microsoft Copilot, to facilitate your efforts. Take a look at the agenda below.

Masterclass Agenda

A Few Key Takeaways

By attending our masterclass, you'll walk away with a greater understanding of how to improve the employee experience, boost employee engagement, improve productivity and financial performance, and create a positive work environment using Microsoft 365, Microsoft Viva, and Microsoft Copilot. Here are just a few of the key takeaways:

  1. Identify the most critical areas of the employee experience, and leverage Microsoft Viva Insights to measure and report on employee engagement.
  2. Improve the onboarding experience by providing intentional communication that meets people where they are, using Microsoft Viva Connections, and creating clear priorities at the leadership leve, even before their first dayl.
  3. Build digital employee experiences that help retain top talent and improve employee well-being, using Microsoft Viva Topics and Microsoft Copilot.
  4. Measure for success by creating a powerful feedback flywheel that incorporates employee feedback and behavioral data from productivity and collaboration signals, using Microsoft Viva Insights.

Sneak Peak

Please take a look at the slides from our first in-person version of the event in Toronto to get a taste of what you can expect. That being said, there have been a lot of announcements since our first Masterclass, and we have incorporated a lot of that information into the new lineup. This means you will learn what to do now and how to prepare for what's to come.

The latest Work Trend Index report from Microsoft shows definitively what many leaders know intuitively: a workforce that is energized and empowered is more likely to be productive and high performing. By attending our masterclass, you'll be taking the first step towards unlocking the full potential of your workforce and boosting your bottom line.

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