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What is your adoption strategy today? Do you understand how to ensure your users understand, value, and maximize the usage of Microsoft 365 today? Do you know what key techniques have made many organizations successful in driving adoption and maintaining adoption efforts after Microsoft 365’s launch?

What if improving and driving Microsoft 365 adoption and usage could be easier? What if all it took was the right approach and some great ideas?

When we surveyed, interviewed and worked with hundreds of organizations improving technology adoption we learned that combining adoption activities in a campaign, with a clear start, end, and measurements, will greatly increase the impact of those adoption activities. What’s more, by connecting and tying activities together it increases the chances of users retaining information, learning, and participation levels. That isn’t all we learned either…

Download this whitepaper now to discover guidance and insights based on our experience improving adoption and Microsoft 365 usage with hundreds of customers in a wide variety of industries and organization sizes.

In this whitepaper, we’ll give you guidance and recommendations to successfully plan and improve Microsoft 365 adoption as well as:

  • Insight into areas you should invest in to improve adoption.
  • A comprehensive breakdown of how to create your own adoption campaigns.
  • Over 50 different activities and ideas you can use to improve adoption.


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