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Employee Pre-Onboarding Site

Use a Pre-onboarding site to welcome prospective or new employees as soon as the job offer has been accepted. Connect and inform potential or new hires on what to expect by customizing pre-populated site content and pages to fit the needs of your organization.

Employee Pre-Onboarding Site
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Establish an effective extranet or pre-onboarding site to enable better prospective and new employee experiences.

Share insight about why your organization is a great place to work for prospects while familiarizing them with what to expect as an employee. Enable new employees who haven’t even received their credentials to begin exploring more about the organization and what the onboarding experience will be like before they transition into the corporate/org-wide or departmental onboarding experiences that follow.

Leverage SharePoint’s rich capabilities to share resources securely, onboard and offboard users and control information access. External guest access can be used for providing pre-start hires, with no corporate credentials, access to the Pre-onboarding site only.

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