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Waypoint: My Links

Personalization is a key part of navigation success in today’s digital workplaces. Yet there is no way to manage your own links within Microsoft 365 or SharePoint today. With this enhancement to custom navigation, users can create, organize and leverage promoted and personalized links of their choosing.

Waypoint: My Links
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Centralized and Personalized Links

Unfortunately, the problem starts straight out of the box. SharePoint navigation has an array of navigational elements competing for attention, all of which can be managed by disparate groups across the organization.

Improving Productivity Cost Through Modular Extensions

Extensions introduce modular functionality that can be integrated into both the header and footer. Extensions are designed to account for new M365 patterns which promotes longevity of the individual solutions.

Does your company offer stocks? Do you have offices in multiple time zones? How about a simple yet affective way to notify your organization of important information? Our modular extensions allow to add elements that are important to employees and the organization alike in a UI/UX friendly way!

It can be challenging to connect the same way across different countries and sometimes can create a broken experience if you need to jump to a new environment. Our seamless multilingual tool enables easy switching between languages, on any page.

Setup Links Your Way

While you work to break down communication silos, ensuring the right layers of security are in place is another story. You don't want private documents visible org wide, and management needs multiple areas for things like budget, and reporting. However, overwhelming your navigation with links that only some can access is bad practice and leads to confusion and clutter.

Categorizing information and settling on informative and intuitive labels is a massive challenge. It must also provide anchoring and context, be able to adapt to users operating in different languages, locations or roles, and be flexible enough to scale to the size and complexity of a wide variety of enterprises.

Secured Links

Whether you want to protect sensitive information from different arms of the business, departments, employees, or all the above, unified portals allow for information to stay confidential while still feeling connected with unified, but targeted, navigation.

Unify your intranet

Forget hubs—they’re so 2019. Easily navigate between overarching portals within a single environment, each with their own independent navigation experience. Want to learn more about Waypoint and how it can help your digital workplace Employee Experience? We can help.

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