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Cloud Migration and Transformation

Migration is about more than just moving content from one system, server, or service A to system, server, or service B. It’s about optimizing and bringing the content, related processes, and solutions into the future.

Take advantage of our cutting-edge cloud practices and maximize the benefits of the Hybrid Cloud to complement your existing technology investments. Our customers realize incredible cost savings, create amazing apps and experiences, and extend the organization’s reach and impact by moving relevant systems and services to the Cloud with our expert guidance.

Whether you are looking for SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS consulting: We offer over 40 Cloud-related services, including consulting and development services for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft 365 Migration Assessments, Planning, Execution & Support

Application Modernization & Azure Migration

Cloud-Native Application Development

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    Microsoft 365 Migration Assessments, Planning, Execution & Support

    Migrating to modern cloud services and solutions doesn’t have to be difficult.

    We have the proven experience to help you migrate and modernize your SharePoint Servers whether you are moving from SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019. We can help you consolidate and improve your file and document storage/services by supporting migrations from Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, Google, Documentum, LiveLink, eDocs, FileNET, and many other legacy servers or redundant cloud services.

    • We have supported hundreds of migrations to Microsoft 365.
    • Our own migration tools/scripts can optimize, organize, and manage, not just migrate.
    • We support migrating from 45+ different source services, systems, and servers.

    Application Modernization & Azure Migration

    Cloud optimize applications with the optimal blend of Azure, Microsoft 365, and the Power Platform.

    Migrating, re-designing and optimizing applications to take full advantage of Microsoft 365 capabilities like Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams & SharePoint means that they can be already integrated in the places/tools people use to do their work. When this is combined with the accessibility of Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Portals and more – it means that you can both modernize, optimize and reduce developer dependencies and associated costs.

    • Our experience re-architecting hundreds of solutions and applications has led to a streamlined assessment, analysis and design approach that gets a release of the solution in users hands faster.
    • Our team understands how quickly the cloud changes and our MVPs are ready to help
    • Sometimes leveraging out of the box capabilities in Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, or the Power Platform can greatly reduce the app landscape that requires Azure focused architectures.

    Cloud-Native Application Development

    Go beyond IT transformation and enable digital business transformation.

    With our expertise in designing and developing cloud-native applications optimized to run on Azure allows you can maximize the cloud computing model, it’s tools, consumer services, and more to meet the emergent needs of the business. Realize the full power of innovation that AI can bring to cloud native applications, unlock new sources of revenue and value, partner with the business and create applications that continuously evolve at scale, and much more with our team.

    • Our team understands that often a business case is just as important as a good architecture design when it comes to cloud-native applications.
    • We see time to market as critical and we know how to accelerate your ambition with phased and practical proven approaches
    • Our team has helped other customers in multiple industries from POC and light weight investment exploration to ‘betting’ the business on key digital differentiators.

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