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Improve Employee Communication, Collaboration, and Management

There has never been a time where improving the employee experience has been more critical. Organizations need new and innovative approaches and solutions as work and the workforce change.

Today, every organization shares a need to enhance how we communicate and engage, collaborate and connect, and manage and develop employees. The question that is often hard to answer is, what is the best way to meet that growing need?

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Everything You Need To Know About Digital Employee Experience

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    Solving Tomorrow, Today | The Future of Employee Experience Session List


    Join James Robertson, from Step Two author on digital employee experience, Suzie Robinson, author of the ClearBox report, and Richard Harbridge, as they share insight on how to better understand, and leverage the future of employee communications.


    Join Richard Harbridge, a Microsoft MVP and internationally recognized expert on Microsoft 365 and the Digital Workplace, as he shares insight on how to better plan for, prepare for and benefit from the future of employee collaboration.


    Join Richard & Asif, two Microsoft MVPs and internationally recognized experts on Microsoft 365, as they share insight on how to better plan for, prepare for and benefit from the future of employee management.

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