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Waypoint: Advanced Footer

The footer can be a great way to wrap the page. Out of the box, the footer doesn’t have a hover option to always be visible, it doesn’t support images or social icons (a common request), and it has limitations in style/capability that can be enhanced with a better custom footer control.

Waypoint: Advanced Footer
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Feature Packed Footers

It’s time to give your digital workplaces footer the respect it rightfully deserves. The Waypoint Footer solution is persistent and consistent across all digital workplace sites. Reinforcing brand identity and providing easy access to social links, extensions, and an expandable secondary resources pane. Wow. Who knew that footers could deliver such potential.

Improve the UX of Intranet Footer Navigation

You have invested in an intranet to foster culture and create a centralized location for sites, pages, and documents across your organization. However, creating an experience that is going to facilitate discovery and ease-of-use is imperative to the employee experience. You need Waypoint!

20% of lost productivity is caused by your staff spending time looking for the right information

Categorizing information and settling on informative and intuitive labels is a massive challenge. It must also provide anchoring and context, be able to adapt to users operating in different languages, locations or roles, and be flexible enough to scale to the size and complexity of a wide variety of enterprises.

We hear it all the time. The footer is often forgotten when working through an intranet. The user experience is lacking and often times forgotten. We can help you make it easier on your staff and improve the Employee Experience inside your digital workplace. Remove the barriers and make it easier for staff to get their work done.

Unify your intranet

Forget hubs—they’re so 2019. Easily navigate between overarching portals within a single environment, each with their own independent navigation experience. Want to learn more about Waypoint and how it can help your digital workplace Employee Experience? We can help.

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