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We have worked extensively with Office 365, SharePoint and hundreds of organizations. In an effort to be generous with our guidance we have shared many templates, samples and resources. To simplify the download we have combined our Office 365 resources into a single resource kit. This resource kit contains the following helpful resources.

Office 365 Quiz Sample

Running a quiz contest can help improve organizational understanding, awareness, and readiness around Office 365. This resource contains a sample quiz and additional quiz questions for Office 365.

Office 365 Sample Surveys

Surveys can help improve organizational understanding, awareness, and readiness. They help provide insight based on participation of a targeted user group to improve the roll out of Office 365. This resource includes a few sample surveys and survey guidance.

Office 365 Sample Contests

Running contests or challenges can help reinforce the tips you communicate in adoption campaigns. This resource contains a listing of sample contests and user challenges.

Office 365 Report Planning Samples

It is important to plan the reports you will capture and share, their frequency, metrics, who the recepients are, and what actions should be taken based on the report. This resource contains a collection of sample reports detailed out to assist in your own report planning.

Office 365 Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to collect the information needed to support the construction of a governance plan and an adoption plan tailored for Office 365.


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