New Free Whitepaper: When To Use What In Office 365

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A great question, that should be asked often, is “How do we use Office 365 better?” Unfortunately this doesn’t happen organically. When your users can’t decide what technology or feature to use they use what they know, or what’s easy; even if better options exist. It’s up to Office 365 leaders to help users be aware there are better ways and to help them make better decisions, more often, as they ask the question: “How do I use Office 365 better?”

You don’t have to do it alone, because we wrote a 60+ page whitepaper on “When To Use What In Office 365” to help. Just visit https://www.WhenToUseWhat.com and grab a copy for yourself.

This whitepaper has been written to help organizations and individuals accelerate their usage of Microsoft technologies like Office, Outlook, Exchange, Lync, Skype for Business, SharePoint, and Yammer. While some Office 365 capabilities are changing we also provided guidance on innovative emerging capabilities, which are unique to Office 365 today, such as Office Delve and Office 365 Groups. Not only are we looking to help you accelerate adoption, but we want to provide guidance that can help users make the best choice when it comes to the technology and features they should be using.

In this white paper you will find guidance, insights, and recommendations that are based on experience working with hundreds of customers in a wide variety of industries and organization sizes. While it may not answer every question we hope that it helps you answer some of the most important ones, and equips you better to motivate and drive better usage of Office 365 in your own organization.

We hope it helps!

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