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2toLead Announced as​ Member of the Yammer Enterprise Social Partner

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2toLead is excited to announce that we are a Yammer Global Partner. Enterprise social presents an opportunity for organisations to work differently and customers often require additional support to implement the technology and to understand the required cultural transformation. 2toLead has become one of only seven Canadian companies officially equipped with the know-how to consult on and implement this social technology and provide support to businesses as they set-up their social enterprise networks.

2toLead is 1 of 7 companies in Canada to Receive Partner Program Certification

This is something that 2toLead have shown that they really understand in their recent work with both Yammer and their clients designing collaborative social portals.

Kanwal Khipple, Office 365 MVP and and Yammer Certified Community Manager, says “we are thrilled by the designation and look forward to helping organizations. We continue to work closely with our customers as they require unique features that are helping shape the future roadmap of Yammer.”

2toLead have participated in specific training to become certified as Yammer Power Users, Administrators and Community Managers in order to achieve their YCEPP position. Each certification track requires completing a variety of activities, such as a series of workshops, online courses and other training opportunities. Participants were provided the tools to help customers toward successful enterprise social adoption and to tailor their specific business initiatives. This will allow 2toLead to deliver best in class solutions in the field of enterprise social using the Yammer platform.

To learn more, read about our Collaboration and Social Portals service offering.



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