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The Future of Employee Management

October 22 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

The future of employee management

The world of employee management has undergone an unprecedented rapid and transformative change globally. In consequence, leaders and managers have navigated unexpected and challenging times. Workers worldwide are fundamentally re-evaluating their careers: where and how they work and why they work where they do. The need to re-evaluate culture, technology, and management practices is greater today than it ever has been before.

With the continued shift towards a ‘new way’ of work, the importance of a physical workplace has decreased while the importance of cultural and technological advantage has taken center stage. What are organizations looking to do in the future to continue to improve the employee experience, and what successes are they having now as they implement new tools, methods, and approaches?

Today, leaders and managers have new digitally enabled options from new mainstream categories of digital employee management tools like Ally.io for objective management), to GLINT for employee listening, to Microsoft Viva Insights for improving the wellbeing and productivity of individuals, teams, and the organization at large. The demands of employees are higher than ever when it comes to learning and can only be met with pro-active and connected learning initiatives like those powered by Microsoft Viva Learning, while employee recognition, connection, and networking remain essential areas of focus during a time of considerable workforce change.

Join Brandon Pittman, an award-winning Microsoft 365 strategist and digital employee experience enthusiast, as he shares insight on how to better plan for, prepare for, and benefit from the future of employee management.