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Organizations today are looking at ways to reimagine their business processes, automating more and more of their work, and free up their people’s time to focus on evolving the business. Now, you can automate those frequent, time-consuming, and error-prone tasks and spend more time on what adds real value to your business.

We offer deep expertise and experience with SharePoint Syntex and the Microsoft Power Platform to increase your overall work efficiency by automating your processes, accelerating app development, improving integration, and driving more value out of analytics. Whether you operate mainly on SaaS solutions like Microsoft 365, Dynamics or numerous unique LOB’s, we can provide you with an actionable roadmap and adaptive solutions using Dataverse, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents, Power AI and Power Portals.

Power Platform Governance & Excellence Services

Power Platform Design & Development Services

Power Platform Advanced Analytics Services

SharePoint Syntex & Content Automation Services

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    Power Platform Governance & Excellence

    Responsible, safe and managed innovation at a faster pace.

    For many organizations it’s critical that adaptive governance is implemented to ensure low-code solution momentum is based on a secure and repeatable approach. Training, templates, management and maintenance models, and best practices can all be provided to improve or establish a low-code Center of Excellence or digital solutions Center of Excellence.

    • We can start by assessing existing risks and prioritizing simple, prioritized, practical and low effort actions that organizations can implement to reduce risk and improve governance.
    • Our expertise has led to improvements in the Microsoft Power Platform Center Of Excellence toolkits and solutions that tens of thousands of organizations use today.
    • We work with many specialized partners and 3rd parties who extend the reporting and governance tooling that Microsoft provides out of the box.

    Power Platform Design & Development

    We design and build it, but you manage, optimize and easily support it when you are ready.

    Your digital workplace has to leverage the absolute best technology and digital tools available to meet the considerable challenges of today’s workforce. What if you could work with the best technology and technology experts industry-wide for a fraction of the cost? We work with your team as a partner and will always ensure our focus is on the gaps you need support on while enabling your team to maximize their own skill sets to support your objectives.

    • Our team has worked on hundreds of Digital Workplace solutions
    • Our staff have been awarded multiple Nielson Norman Intranet awards, multiple Microsoft MVP awards, and are internationally recognized
    • Our organization works directly with Microsoft product teams through multiple early access and advisor preview programs and on Microsoft advisory councils and boards

    Power Platform Advanced Analytics

    Gain actionable and easy to understand insight that can adapt with your business.

    Achieving success at a larger scale in enterprise organizations requires data governance, data management, data and BI centers of excellence, data analytics, data transformation, and of course Power BI expertise. We offer streamlined planning, roadmap, configuration, performance optimization, and Power BI implementation services that can lead to greater technology and business team success.

    • Our team works with hundreds of customers on understanding, envisioning and designing next-generation reports, dashboards and Power BI solutions
    • We use toolkits and offerings to drive everything from culture change to technology readiness.
    • Our approach doesn’t stop at the technical design and implementation. UX designers will work to ensure your reports and dashboards are intuitive and designed in an optimal way.

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    In-Depth Microsoft 365 Knowledge

    From multiple award winning Microsoft MVPs to our Neilson Norman award winners, we have endless endless experiences to pull from. What is our goal? To help organizations build a better digital workplace experience.


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