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2toLead Recognized By CIO Review As Most Promising Microsoft Solution Provider

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CIO Review ( has recognized 2toLead this year in it’s 100 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Providers. The list of 100 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Providers is the result of evaluations by a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board has selected top players from well over a thousand Microsoft solution providers.

The companies listed demonstrated an ability to develop innovative technologies, methodologies, and outstanding customer service. CIO Review looked at 2toLeads capabilities around providing leading, cost-effective and flexible solutions and asked us to share some of those solutions and services with their readers in this months CIO Review magazine.

With over 100 Microsoft service and solution offerings, we were only able to share some of what makes us relevant to customers today. Many CIOs trust our world-class experts to help them prioritize, plan, and successfully implement Microsoft Cloud technologies like Office 365 and Azure. We hope what we shared is helpful to other CIOs as they work hard to meet the complex and growing needs around cloud and mobility in their own organization’s today.

Remarks From 2toLead’s Executive Team:

“Being recognized as a most promising Microsoft solution provider is really recognition of the hard work our incredible team does and the value our customers realize with us. We humbly thank our team for being distinguished from their peers in the industry.”

We can’t share all of the wonderful discussions we have had with CIOs in response to this recognition, but we thought we would share one of the questions that couldn’t fit in the magazine and our teams response.

So Why Is 2toLead Different? Even the most competent of originations tend to face market competition. What are the strategies employed by 2toLead that help it stay differentiated and ahead of the competition?

It’s really rare that we feel like we are competing. In many cases we actually work actively in partnership with other Microsoft partners who offer similar services. Additionally many customers choose to work with us, and so we aren’t in competitive bids or many situations other services businesses are in. However when we do get into those kinds of situations our customers tell us that they chose 2toLead for one (or all) of the following reasons:

  • Our staff and company have a generous reputation. You won’t find many organizations that are as responsive as ours. Whether it’s working late due to unexpected issues, taking on a challenging issue that needs to be resolved, or often exceeding expectations. Many customers have remarked on it after our first few calls when they see how many questions we are happy to answer, or the help we don’t hesitate to offer.
  • Our staff are very pro-active and practical. In many situations a customer may have a clear idea of what they want to accomplish, but their expectations may be off, or the time frame they are looking at may be too challenging. So we work pro-actively to offer suggestions, or to highlight risks based on our experiences and the experiences of our previous customer engagements. Additionally we use agile approaches, and work iteratively which helps us deliver more immediate results or results faster than some of the competition.
  • Our staff are very smart, and together we have developed great IP. The last reason we often win is our unbelievable staff. Some staff members have more than 15 Microsoft certifications, some staff have so much passion for working with technology that they literally have racks of servers in their basements or garages. Not only are our staff experienced and experts with the technology, but they are empowered to freely share and utilize the learnings, approaches, and solutions we have developed over the years. Often customers have similar needs and there is no need to create an entire solution from scratch each time, instead our experts will use our frameworks, or entire solutions from previous projects that are a good fit and then tailor them based on the customer’s unique needs. This allows us to deliver high quality solutions in a fraction of the time and importantly, a fraction of the customer investment. We also have solutions around adoption, governance and user experiences that are unique to 2toLead that our team has developed to meet customer needs that many of our customers don’t even know they have!

If you are curious to know more about 2toLead be sure to reach out to us at or through our contact us page.

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