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IMPROVE IT! New Free Book On Adoption & Measurement With SharePoint & Office 365

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Last week was quite a busy week for us. Our latest book with WebTrends and some of the best SharePoint & Office 365 authors is out and available for free as a download at https://ImproveIt.How/Book. We also released our free public draft of the WhenToUseWhat Whitepaper that compliments our session at Ignite on How to Decide When to Use SharePoint and Yammer and Office 365 Groups and Outlook and Skype. The session recording can be found at this web address on Channel 9 and the slides are available on SlideShare.

The Improve It book is the second installment after a previous book release called Prove It! Both books focus on how measurement, pro-active effort, and focus can lead to organizations getting far more value out of their SharePoint and Office 365 investments.

Microsoft SharePoint has been at the center of an internal communications revolution in the past few years. These days, when companies want to better channel the passions of their employees, enable the discovery of connections, and break down boundaries across the organization, they rely on their intranets to make it happen. The value SharePoint and these intranets provide has become critical to organization success. Isn’t it time to prove the value of your SharePoint and Office 365 investments? Isn’t it time to inform your migration decisions and improve user engagement? We think it is.

A must-read for the SharePoint community, Improve It! offers a collection of essays from thought leaders about how to get the most out of SharePoint.

With multiple perspectives from Microsoft insiders, leading SharePoint consulting firms and industry luminaries, find out how using analytics to measure SharePoint for social, collaborative and engagement enables improved ROI.

Get your free copy (available via eBook for Kindle or PDF)!

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