5 Reasons You Should Enhance the Employee Experience (And 3 Reasons To Attend Our EX Event)

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It’s no use being sour that hybrid and remote work have stepped into the limelight. After realizing the comfort level that comes with remote work life, employees have put their foot down. While many found and continue to find satisfaction working remotely, a recent report from Buffer stated that 24% of people feel lonely & 17% of people have difficulties collaborating and communicating when working remotely – both signs of struggling employee experience (EX).

Despite the previously stated data from Buffer, employees seem pretty torn on whether they prefer remote or hybrid work. In a separate report from Microsoft, the numbers show that 57% of remote employees want to switch to hybrid, while 51% of hybrid workers want to switch to remote.

Whether your organization is moving toward one or the other, your greatest asset will be a positive employee experience.

This blog aims to reason with the doubters and inform those thirsty for firm numbers on why they should prioritize EX, and how our upcoming event can help guide your efforts.

Solving Tomorrow, Today The Future of Employee Experience Virtual Event

5 Reasons You Should Enhance the Employee Experience Yesterday

While every organization can have various reasons to prioritize EX, here are five shared reasons we think stand out for many organizations.

Our five reasons are:

  1. Priorities Have Shifted
  2. Wasted Time & Money
  3. Better Workplace Relationships Lead To Better Employees
  4. Maximize Employee Performance
  5. The Great Resignation

Here are a few facts to provide some perspective on the five reasons. 

Priorities Have Shifted

52% of people in North America are more likely to choose their health and wellbeing after the pandemic. 

Don’t Waste Time & Money

People spend about 1 hour a day searching for or recreating information. 

Better Workplace Relationships Equal Happier & More Productive Employees

Strong workplace relationships improve overall employee wellbeing, productivity, and retention by roughly 20%! 

Maximize Employee Performance

50% of surveyed employees with thriving relationships were more productive at work year-over-year, compared to 36% of employees with struggling relationships. 

However, only 27% of companies have created new hybrid meeting etiquette to ensure engaged employees that feel included. Better inclusion and engagement combined with wellbeing are essential to improve employee satisfaction.

The Great Resignation

CNBC reported that “44% of employees are “job seekers,” according to Willis Towers Watson’s 2022 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey. Of them, 33% are active job hunters who looked for new work in the fourth quarter of 2021, and 11% planned to look in the first quarter of 2022.”

Next Steps to Enhancing Employee Experience

Need help translating the different stages of the employee experience into strong employee communication, collaboration, and management that’s adapted for the new norm? Please register for our virtual event happening this Thursday.

Solving Tomorrow, Today The Future of Employee Experience Virtual Event

The rest of this blog is to help you determine precisely why you should be there.

3 Ways Our EX Event Helps

We could list several reasons to attend our event, but we’d like to respect your time and focus on the following three.

1 – Awards Winners & Award Givers

Hear from industry leading experts! Our event has three guest speakers we are thrilled to have join us. 

All speakers at Solving Tomorrow, Today | The Future of Employee Experience

Suzie Robinson (@SuzieRobinson42) and James Robertson (@James_steptwo) are behind various top-tier awards and reports on the digital workplace and employee experience at their respective companies, StepTwo & ClearBox Consulting, leveraged by organizations globally. 

We also have two incredible Microsoft MVPs, our CTO, Richard Harbridge, and Visual SP CEO and Founder, Asif Rehmani (@asifrehmani). Asif’s company has been helping managers improve the EX with their application for years  

2 – Focusing On Key Areas Of EX

Our virtual event is divided into three sessions:

  • Session 1 is a roundtable discussion on employee communication.
  • Session 2 is deep dive into employee collaboration.
  • Session 3 will have a back and forth discussion about employee management.

Whatever area you need to understand better, we’re sure to cover it in one of the three sessions. However, we highly recommend watching all three for the complete picture. 

3 – Q&A At the End of Each Session

Have you ever wanted to ask leading industry experts a particular question you don’t feel ever gets answered? Each session has a block of time dedicated to Q&A, so get your questions ready! 

Join Us For Solving Tomorrow, Today | The Future Of Employee Experience

We hope to see you at the event! Register here.

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