#2ManyToPraise On Canada & Independence Day

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Microsoft MVPs are a source of trusted knowledge in their respective categories and many times, in a variety of others. With two Microsoft MVPs at the helm of our company, we understand the passion and pride that comes with those awarded the title by Microsoft.

In honor of Canada & Independence Day, we thought we’d take a moment to praise some of the many incredible Canadian and American Microsoft MVPs. We’ve had many amazing experiences speaking to and working with Microsoft MVPs in Canada. For more information on Microsoft MVPs, take a look at their site.

5 Great Canadian Microsoft MVPs

There are truly #2ManyToPraise but we’ve gathered a list of 5 Microsoft MVPs you should follow, yesterday. In no particular order, here are our 5 picks!

⭐ Yaroslav Pentsarskyy

If you’re looking for incredible insight into UX, SharePoint, Office 365, User Experience, and the Digital Workplace, Yaroslav has a ton of content to help. 

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⭐ Joanne C Klein

Compliance grows in importance as your organization does, and if you’re curious about compliance around Microsoft 365, dive into her content.

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⭐ Ashraf Ghonaim

Need help unlocking the power of data? Gain a wealth of knowledge about Power BI, Analytics, Data Warehousing, Synapse Analytics, and Business Intelligence with his help.

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⭐ Rob Windsor

If you’re looking for a guiding light as an Office 365 developer, Rob is an excellent choice for on-premises or cloud development. 

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⭐ Michael LaMontagne

Last but not least, for information on a wide range of Microsoft 365 applications, like Microsoft Teams, Power Automate, Viva, Exchange, Azure, and Microsoft Graph, follow him on social.

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5 Great American Microsoft MVPs

⭐ Asif Rehmani

If you’re looking for help with Digital Workplace Adoption, look no further than the founder of VisualSP for years of knowledge and expertise!

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⭐ Christian Buckley

With over 25 years of tech experience, look to Christian for thought leadership and Microsoft 365 management!

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⭐ Daniel Christian

The Power Platform is made to create, and if you’re looking to understand how to use it, guided help, and tips, Daniel is a no-brainer.

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⭐ Melanie Hohertz

Looking for guidance around change management, corporate communications dealing with workforce productivity, collaboration, and innovation? Melanie is a great follow!

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⭐ D’arce Hess

Improved UX and UI are imperative in the Digital Workplaces, and if you want to use their power to drive the adoption of new technology and solve business problems, D’arce can help!

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Until next year!

We hope you enjoyed your Canada or Independence Day! We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and we know you will find value in any of these incredible individuals.

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