When to Use What

Want to know how your organization can maximize the value of your Office 365 investment? We provide the guidance you need to help your users make better, more effective decisions on how they get work done.

External Sharing

While it can be easy to turn external sharing on in Office 365, there are quite a few risks and things to consider. This whitepaper has everything you need to know about external sharing in Office 365. Download Our External Sharing Whitepaper


Explore the benefits of an Office 365 Intranet, why you should consider migrating your existing Intranet to Office 365 today and how and when to best use Office 365 capabilities with your Intranet.

Driving Adoption

Explore the best approach and techniques for driving and improving Office 365 adoption and usage. Including how to create powerful and successful adoption campaigns!

Measuring Impact

Find out how to identify and measure the business value Office 365 provides with examples and advice on Office 365 reporting and metrics.


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