Office 365 Intranets

There is a growing trend of organizations moving to Office 365 to meet their Intranet and portal needs. While many organizations are running their SharePoint portals or Intranets on-premise, in a private cloud, or on public cloud offerings like Azure – many have already started or made the move to Office 365 powered Intranet experiences.

The question for many companies is “should our Intranet be built with Office 365?” and if so, “how should we best take advantage of Office 365 features with our Intranet?”

Download this whitepaper now to discover guidance and insights based on our experience improving Intranets and Portals with hundreds of customers in a wide variety of industries and organization sizes.

In this whitepaper, we’ll give you guidance and recommendations to successfully plan and implement an Office 365 Intranet as well as:

  • The benefits of Office 365 for Intranets
  • Why you should consider migrating your Intranet to Office 365
  • When and how you may integrate Office 365 with your existing Intranet today
  • Lessons learned and challenges with Office 365 Intranets


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