We offer a world of services.

2toLead offers an extensive list of flexible and tailored services. Our services range from building award-winning portals to industry leading technology solutions. The best part is that all of our services are delivered by exceptional talent including internationally recognized authors, speakers, and technology experts.

Digital Workplace & Portals

Effective collaboration, knowledge sharing, and information management are increasingly important in the modern enterprise. We offer over 35 of services that improve and innovate on Intranet, Extranet, Internet Sites, & Social Network investments in your enterprise. Our customers rely on us for advice on information architecture, design and technology expertise when it comes to collaboration, content management and the social enterprise.

We love helping our customers pro-actively improve communication and collaboration as it has the biggest impact on maximizing the value of their most important resource; their people.

Cloud Migration & Transformation

Take advantage of our cutting-edge Cloud practices and maximize the benefits of the Hybrid Cloud to compliment your existing technology investments. Our customers realize incredible cost savings, create amazing apps and experiences, and extend the organization’s reach and impact by moving relevant systems and services to the Cloud with our expert guidance.

Whether you are looking for Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, or Platform as a Service consulting: We offer over 40 Cloud related services including SaaS consulting services for Office 365, IaaS consulting services for Microsoft Azure, or PaaS consulting and development services for Microsoft Azure.

User Adoption & Strategy

Technology value is not realized immediately upon purchase or deployment. The value is realized as more and more users understand, adopt and embrace the technology. Our customers take advantage of our industry leading technology adoption practices to accelerate and maximize the benefits technology investments provide. Work with our team to better understand your current state and how you can improve technology adoption through a series of workshops, pro-active activities and campaigns, and through the creation of key policies/guidance.

Whether you are looking to improve your adoption, engagement, governance, or guidance: We offer over 19 adoption related services including adoption planning and assessments, strategy and development services for a world class center of excellence, or support in effectively implementing policies, guidance and procedures that improve technology governance and usage.

Creative Design & Experience

Digital experiences should wow users and customers while maximizing your businesses results. Our researchers, strategists, and designers kick off most projects with thoughtful digital strategy, outline the best course of action, determine the path of least resistance, and use leading design techniques such as responsive design to maximize reuse and efficiency while improving the digital experience.

Whether you want to use 2toLead’s design resources and partners, have an in-house design team or work with your own creative agency; we offer over 35 services that our design and UI experts can deliver which will help significantly improve engagement, user experience, and your businesses results.

Mobile Development & Design

Work with us to deliver awesome customer experiences on mobile devices. Leverage our development and design team to build beautiful and engaging applications to run on any device. We have over 33 different mobility empowerment service offerings based on what our customers need to compete and take advantage of the significant opportunity we have in a mobile first world.

With the number of consumers accessing the internet through their mobile phones and tablets growing daily, establishing an effective mobile strategy is essential to keeping your business relevant.

Workflow and Content Automation Services

Organizations today are looking at ways to re-imagine their business processes, automating more and more of their work so they can deliver better, modern customer and employee experience and free up their peoples time to focus on evolving the business. Now you can automate those frequent, time-consuming, and error prone tasks and spend more time on what adds real value to your business.

We offer a number of services to help understand, analyze, and optimize your business and increase your overall work efficiency by automatic automating your processes. Whether your operate mainly on an intranet or numerous unique LOB’s, w can provide you with an achievable roadmap, which will improve overall user experience, collaboration, and innovation.

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We always build solutions together and train your team to extend and improve those solutions without needing us.

We have the most trusted technology advisors in the industry.

We are a pro-active services company that work's with our customers.

We have a vast amount of experience and IP from building solutions for other customers.

We look at each customer as a partner and provide transparency in all things.

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