Microsoft Partner Conference Microsoft Inspire 2020

Microsoft Partner Event, Microsoft Inspire 2020, Goes All Digital

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Microsoft Inspire is an annual event created for Microsoft Partners and consultants. The event is usually full of announcements, sessions, and plenty of networking opportunities. While the latter was off the table, in-person at least, at this week’s event, announcements and sessions still quenched everyone’s thirst for a bit more information and knowledge.

An all-digital Microsoft Inspire

Since its inception, Microsoft Inspire has mostly been an in-person partner conference. Over the years, they have become more digital, making certain sessions available online. However, this is the first year they have decided to go fully digital.

The switch, of course, was prompted by the current pandemic. It is also because of the current situation that the need for Microsoft Inspire to continue on has never been more important. This is due to the increasing demand for remote work innovation and Microsoft 365 technologies. 

Microsoft Partners from around the world have been working hard at innovating to help businesses not only adapt but ensure they stay afloat. Satya Nadella said it best, “You’ve acted as digital first responders, to the first responders.” 

The importance of Microsoft Inspire 2020 for Microsoft Partners – and their clients

Microsoft Inspire was focused on adapting to the situation of the pandemic and how some have innovated and reacted to it, with its technology. It was exactly what we needed as everyone continues to find what works for them and their organization.

At 2toLead, we have truly been digital first responders during the current pandemic. However, our journey and promise don’t end there. We continue to look for new ways to help our clients adapt to the changing times of remote work norms, including the fears and concerns that come along with it. We continue to innovate and look for new ways that will allow us to help our clients, adapt, and continue to strive.

One of those ways is through knowledge sharing. Recently, at Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon, our CEO, Kanwal Khipple, spoke about the lessons we have learned as a remote-first company, since inception.

Remote work and helping everyone adjust

We’ve all had to make changes to accommodate the current circumstance. Once considered a privilege, remote work has now become the new normal. This has raised many questions about how to adjust and how to stay safe. 

Since Microsoft helps over 500,000 businesses and one of their flagship products, Microsoft Teams, is a communication powerhouse; it’s no wonder the event was remote work heavy and how technology is the solution.

Digital First Responders Microsoft Inspire 2020
Satya Nadella at Microsoft Inspire

Internal communication wins at Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Teams will receive a new Power BI app that will act as a single place for all the employee’s data visualizations and a place to find more data from across their organization. Also, developers of Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents chatbots can rejoice! They will now be able to create, manage, and use their apps/bots inside Microsoft Team.

Microsoft Teams wasn’t the only communication platform in the spotlight. Yammer is continuing strong with their #YearofYammer. A new reimagined UX is on the way with Fluent Design System. It will feature plenty of new features that Microsoft says will, “power communities, engagement and knowledge across Microsoft 365,” 

Speaking of Yammer and Microsoft communication tools, SharePoint has received a brand new Yammer webpart that is all about community experiences!

Internal communication is integral to today’s climate and that is why we’re joining forces with our incredible digital workplace partner, LiveTiles, to bring you a brand new webinar called “What makes a world class Microsoft 365 intranet & digital workplace?” happening on August 4th.

Continuing to adapt

Microsoft Inspire may be done but the innovative ideas are here to stay and be built upon. It has opened the eyes of many to the ways in which we can respond and adapt.

One of the products in particular that will help with internal communication is SharePoint. Intranets are a great way to make sure everyone feels connected, even at a distance. Download our free whitepaper to learn how you can leverage the application for your internal communications.

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