Creative Design & Adoption Services


Our researchers, strategists, and designers kick off most projects with thoughtful digital strategy, outline the best course of action, determine the path of least resistance, and use leading design techniques such as responsive design to maximize reuse and efficiency while improving the digital experience. Our work doesn’t end with great design and digital experiences – we also specialize in measuring, improving and sustaining adoption of your digital investments.

Digital Design Strategy & Roadmap

Developing digital design and digital experience strategies can be daunting. We have some of the best digital design strategy experts who take your initiatives and divide them into manageable projects and steps in a roadmap, providing a prioritized implementation plan that allows you to maximize both the user experience as well as your business results.

User Engagement & Adoption

Many organizations don’t invest enough in user engagement and adoption activities that would enable them to achieve the adoption results they are looking for. Our strategic engagement and adoption planning takes your adoption initiatives and divides them into manageable campaigns and projects, providing a prioritized roadmap of implementation effort and on-going activities that allows our customers to accelerate and sustain meaningful user adoption.

Brand Strategy & Experience

Our team’s core strength is to bring experiences to life using your existing brand standards or by creating a whole new brand experience and strategy. Together we will create a sophisticated, pleasing experience and visual identity by mapping out the customer’s flow and interaction points across any channel or device (your website, mobile app, or displays).

Front End & User Interface Development

We architect and develop solutions using world-class technology and methods that can perform and scale for tomorrow’s needs. Our front-end developers can recommend the most cost-effective development strategies, leveraging reusable code such as CSS, JavaScript and HTML5 and take pride in being up-to-date in front end development technologies.

Product Launch

The launch of a new digital initiative is a very important time. Whether it’s a new website, product offering, employee portal or enterprise solution; first impressions last and its important to impress your users. Our consultants can create launch campaigns with supporting material and activities that ensure a more successful launch that drives maximum impact.

SharePoint Branding & Design

At 2toLead many of our roots are in SharePoint consulting and we have some of the best SharePoint branding and design experts in the industry. Our SharePoint designers understand both design as well as the underlying technology which in the SharePoint world leads to beautiful designs that are practical, easy to manage and expertly crafted.

User Research & Usability Testing

Understanding the end-user is a critical component of any project engagement. We provide a practical data-driven approach to evaluating or enhancing an existing digital experience. Our team can facilitate focus groups, interview stakeholders, conduct field research, conduct usability tests (in-person or remotely), and supplement these qualitative data points with quantitative surveys. By combining the results of our research with best-practices recommendations we ensure that our customers are armed with intelligence that can drive important visual and functional design decisions prior to building a website, portal, software application or mobile app.

Proof of Concepts & Prototyping

Prototyping can accelerate concept development and mitigate risk. We often develop rapid prototypes based on visual designs to create interactive hands-on experiences for stakeholders. These prototypes both improve understanding of stakeholder needs and drive necessary stakeholder buy-in. Prototyping and building proof of concepts help to develop the solution design in an iterative and agile way; subjecting user interface elements to early testing.

Information Architecture & Taxonomy

Our consultants are experts at understanding business taxonomies and mapping those taxonomies to the right content, user & technology architecture. We help provide the best technology and design guidance on which you can build scalable information architecture represented as site maps, metadata structures, customer flows, user roles, governance plans, content audits, and content restructuring plans.

Content Creation & Strategy

Without the right type and amount of content people disengage and the best digital initiatives can fail or struggle to achieve their goals. Our team can develop sustainable content plans and great content for intranets, websites and social solutions. From seeding the right content to accelerate adoption, or teaching best in class content development techniques to your teams we have a comprehensive set of content services for your digital needs.

Mentorship & Training

Experience and skills in digital design, engagement and adoption can improve both the success and satisfaction of enterprise technology investments. We work with organizations to mentor and train on intranet design, portal design, extranet design, website design, user adoption and user engagement best practices.

Design & Experience Assessments

We help you understand how your users and customers perceive the experience you offer them. Our network of labs for usability and accessibility testing help test and analyze users and customers’ interactions with websites, portals or mobile apps. They can also qualitatively measure user satisfaction and ensure the same levels of accessibility to all users and customers.

Those Are Just A Few Main Service Offerings, There Are Plenty More

  • User Experience & Graphic Design

  • Intranet Design & Development

  • SharePoint Design & Development

  • Extranet Design & Development

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Portal Design & Development

  • Content Optimization & Migration

  • Wireframe Design & Development

  • Product Incubation

  • User Task Analysis

  • Touch Display Motion Design Animations

  • User Interface Ideation

  • Interactive Exhibits

  • Web Interface Design

  • Experience Evaluation

  • Software Interface Design & Prototyping

  • Experience Design

  • User Engagement Troubleshooting

  • Online Surveys

  • End-user Interviews & Focus Groups

  • Card Sorting

  • Mobile App Branding Services

  • Persona Identification & Definition

  • SEM Assessment & Optimization

What Are The Benefits Of Effective Design & Adoption?

  • More Attractive Designs – By investing in design we get more visually rich, memorable and engaging designs.
  • Align Better With Customer Needs – Designing the best experience for your users means understanding them and building to their needs.
  • Increase Adoption – By planning for adoption you can significantly impact how widely or effectively the investment is used and realize greater benefits.
  • Improve User Acceptance – Layering design cycles and iteratively testing changes allows a gradual introduction to the new UI.
  • Better Plan & Budget – Using iterative and effective design processes allows businesses to better plan the scope and prioritization of features and significantly reduce code rework.
  • Ready For The Next Big Thing – You’ll better understand your customers, be able to be more pro-active and be better able to anticipate their digital needs.