Collaboration, Social & Content Management: Our Services

Effective collaboration, knowledge sharing, and information management are increasingly important in the modern enterprise. We offer a range of services that improve and innovate on Intranet, Extranet, Internet Sites, & Social Network investments in your enterprise. Our customers rely on us for advice on information architecture, design and technology expertise when it comes to collaboration, content management and the social enterprise.

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SharePoint Strategy & Roadmap

SharePoint is a critical collaboration and content management investment. Your processes, documents, and data will be stored, shared and managed inside of SharePoint and it’s important that it is aligned with your other enterprise technology investments and your business needs. By working with 2toLead on your SharePoint strategy we can combine your businesses needs with our experience planning, deploying and improving complex SharePoint implementations so that you have a much clearer plan for success today and in the near future.
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Information Architecture & Design

Our consultants are experts at understanding business taxonomies and mapping those taxonomies to the right content, user & technology architecture. We help provide the best technology and design guidance on which you can build scalable information architecture represented as site maps, metadata structures, customer flows, user roles, governance plans, content audits, and content restructuring plans.
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User Adoption & Engagement Services

Many organizations don’t invest enough in user engagement and adoption activities that would enable them to achieve the adoption results they are looking for. Our strategic engagement and adoption planning takes your adoption initiatives and divides them into manageable campaigns and projects, providing a prioritized roadmap of implementation effort and on-going activities that allows our customers to accelerate and sustain meaningful user adoption.
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SharePoint Design & Branding

At 2toLead many of our roots are in SharePoint consulting and we have some of the best SharePoint branding and design experts in the industry. Our SharePoint designers understand both design as well as the underlying technology which in the SharePoint world leads to beautiful designs that are practical, easy to manage and expertly crafted.
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SharePoint Governance Planning

Governance planning is critical for ongoing user adoption and a successful SharePoint strategy. Without it, a SharePoint implementation tends to grow unwieldy, resulting in poor user experience and control. Working together we standardize and improves SharePoint management, empower your organization with the right tools, processes and data to maintain a secure environments and adhere to industry expectations.

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SharePoint Migrations & Upgrades

Our experts have helped hundreds of organizations upgrade or optimize on latest version, or migrate to SharePoint Online. Whether you have a corporate intranet, collaboration environment, enterprise social implementation, document and knowledge management, or web content management implementation of SharePoint – we can help you leverage the latest capabilities and improve your SharePoint investments. Our team is connected to the SharePoint product teams and works with Microsoft helping customers understand the SharePoint roadmap.
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SharePoint Assessment

A SharePoint assessment is a fast effective way to ensure your environments are fit for purpose and capable of exceeding user expectations. 2toLead will provide an in-depth review of the state of your current SharePoint environment to identify areas of concern. and provide recommendations. Our team of industry recognized experts will analyze the architecture of your SharePoint implementation, document settings, governance and information architecture to provide a clear picture of issues, risks and opportunities to improve.
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SharePoint Mentorship & Training

We can help you determine the skills you have in-house and what skills you want to grow. By providing mentorship and training we can empower your team to take ownership of the solutions we build together. We also work with and recommend the best SharePoint training partners in the industry depending on your needs.
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Business Process & Workflow Automation

Business Process Management (BPM) can help foster communication and establish optimal business processes. At 2toLead we have found that streamlining or eliminating steps by leveraging technology, reducing or improving approval flow, and providing additional visibility into a process can result in tremendous business gains. Work with our team to audit, identify, and prioritize great business process candidates that can be improved with workflow automation.
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SharePoint & Power Business Intelligence

SharePoint and Power BI for Office 365 is a powerful business intelligence platform, capable of unlocking insights into your data and helping you make better decisions with natural language queries and beautiful dynamic dashboards. At 2toLead we help customers determine when and how to use Excel Services, PerformancePoint, Power BI for Excel, and Power BI for Office 365 to help their organization deliver self-service business intelligence and transform into a data driven, data powered company.
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Enterprise Social Collaboration

Our Enterprise Social Collaboration services focus on helping organizations define their enterprise social and collaboration strategy and implement effective social and collaboration technologies like Microsoft SharePoint Online and Yammer the right way. We understand that every organization is unique and implementing Enterprise Social requires alignment of both business and user goals. Our employee communication and engagement experts will help you deliver cloud enabled social collaboration capabilities across your enterprise in a way that is integrated with how people work today.
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SharePoint Public Facing Websites

We understand how to craft SharePoint into a beautiful website that can communicate your brand and message effectively across devices. We are experts at making SharePoint visually stunning, enhancing mobile support, optimizing for search engines, and combining the best ‘out of the box’ SharePoint functionality with industry leading custom features and designs. SharePoint is a fantastic web content management platform for many of our customers, let our team help you make it the right platform for your business.

Those Are Just A Few Main Service Offerings, There Are Plenty More

  • Intranet Design & Development

  • Social Enterprise Strategy

  • Extranet Design & Development

  • Intranet Benchmarking

  • Enterprise Search Services

  • Portal Design & Development

  • Document Management & Automation

  • Information Rights Management Services

  • Records Management Design & Development

  • SharePoint Integration Services

  • SharePoint On Azure

  • Office 365 Migration Services

  • SharePoint Custom Applications

  • Evaluating SharePoint Third Party Products

  • Managed Services

  • Technical Support Services

  • Member Portals Design & Development

  • Knowledge Management Services

  • Enterprise Content Management

  • Portal Management Services

  • Employee Engagement Services

  • SharePoint Optimization

  • Change Management

  • User Research & Usability Testing

What Are The Benefits Of SharePoint & Enterprise Social?

  • Increase Revenue – By reaching new customers and better understanding your customers with mobile data.
  • Increase Productivity – By improving access to information, processes and reducing duplication you can empower your team to work more productively from wherever they are.
  • Manage Risk – With modern information security and compliance capabilities you can significantly reduce risk and empower mobile workers as well as mobile customers further.
  • Streamline Processes – Often there are a number of processes that can be streamlined by using mobile solutions that reduce duplication of effort.
  • Increase Customer Service – Customers expect to have options and personalized, targeted and optimized experiences. Are you providing those today?