We Thrive Ourselves On Creativity, Intuition & Sheer Determination.

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We Are Creative

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We Have Intuition

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We Are Determined

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Cloud Empowerment & Cloud Transformation: Our Services

Take advantage of our cutting-edge Cloud practices and maximize the benefits of the Hybrid Cloud to compliment your existing technology investments. Our customers realize incredible cost savings, create amazing apps and experiences, and extend the organization’s reach and impact by moving relevant systems and services to the Cloud with our expert guidance.

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Cloud Strategy & Roadmap

Together we rapidly evaluate, define opportunities & build a targeted roadmap to move your IT to the Cloud. We help you develop your cloud strategy to ensure seamless and effortless migration of applications, platforms and infrastructure without disruption. By the end of our strategy engagement you will Understand Microsoft’s Azure and Office 365 capabilities and limitations, and how to architect and design solutions that address your business goals.

Office 365 Planning & Migration

2toLead has considerable experience in all facets of Office 365 including online versions of SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync (Skype for Business). We are also a leading Yammer partner and offer advanced services around Power BI for Office 365. We help many organizations plan for, migrate to, and better leverage Microsoft’s Office 365 services.
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Infrastructure (IaaS) Assessment, Migration & Integration

Simplify your IT infrastructure and eliminate unnecessary costs and distraction so that your IT infrastructure team can provide faster, more relevant, and scalable solutions. 2toLead offers infrastructure assessments, planning, migration, Cloud Storage, Identity and access management and Hybrid IT services to seamlessly migrate and integrate your infrastructure to the cloud without any business downtime.
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SharePoint Online Migration

Our experts have many organizations migrate successfully to SharePoint Online. Whether you have a corporate intranet, collaboration environment, enterprise social implementation, document and knowledge management, or web content management implementation of SharePoint – we can help you leverage the latest capabilities by helping you move to SharePoint Online or effectively integrating SharePoint Online with your SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 investments.
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Exchange Online Migration

As more and more customers are migrating to Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft is partnering with 2toLead to offer Exchange Online on-boarding services for specific Office 365 customers. Whether you are planning your migration to Exchange Online or looking for the right ways to leverage it in a hybrid configuration with your existing on prem investments – our experts can help you maximize and accelerate the value Exchange Online can provide.
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Cloud Education & Planning Workshops

Participate in an expert Workshop, spanning 1 to 3 days, and receive guidance on how to adopt and manage you IT Cloud investments. We provide the training your team needs to successfully implement and maintain a secure, flexible cloud environment designed around your business needs and your team’s technical abilities.
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Office 365 Adoption & Usage

Office 365 is an evergreen service that is constantly releasing new features and capabilities. We work with our customers to help them improve SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Yammer, Delve, Groups, & Power BI adoption. By leveraging our industry leading experts on adoption, and our massive collection of proven adoption activities you can realize even greater value from your Office 365 investment.
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SharePoint On Azure

2toLead‘s SharePoint and Azure experts assist customers with assessments, planning, design, implementation, and migration of their SharePoint instances to Microsoft Azure. Additionally our Azure and SharePoint development services can assist with Azure or SharePoint application development projects and our Azure Managed Services can assist with ongoing management and optimization of SharePoint on Azure.
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Enterprise Social Collaboration

Our Enterprise Social Collaboration services focus on helping organizations define their enterprise social and collaboration strategy and implement effective social and collaboration technologies like Microsoft SharePoint Online and Yammer the right way. We understand that every organization is unique and implementing Enterprise Social requires alignment of both business and user goals. Our employee communication and engagement experts will help you deliver cloud enabled social collaboration capabilities across your enterprise in a way that is integrated with how people work today.
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Enterprise Application Migration & Modernization

Assess your current portfolio of applications to provide recommendations for simplification, consolidation and modernization efforts. We develop, debug and iterate applications to take advantage of Cloud improvements in scale, cost, maintenance and availability. Our PaaS and Cloud application development services reduce the time it takes to create, test, provision and deploy applications to the cloud from months to days, with a suite of IP and expert workload patterns.
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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery In The Cloud

The Cloud can help solve business continuity, disaster recovery, and compliance concerns – often at a fraction of the cost. Work with our teams to help you choose the right cloud solutions that ensure your data and applications are backed up and always available. Automate Disaster Recovery & Backup scenarios in your business by engaging with our team today!
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SaaS Integration & Adoption

In today’s complex IT landscape many organizations have a multitude of disconnected SaaS based applications that the business relies on. Working with our team we can help you improve management, sign on experiences, and integration of your SaaS applications; all without investing in complex IT infrastructure management processes. 2toLead offers templates, expertise and proven patterns that accelerate your deployment of SaaS applications and their integration in your business.
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Internet Of Things & Connected Devices

Many enterprise organizations are just starting to explore how IoT-centric innovation can benefit them. 2toLead helps design, develop and apply IoT solutions to drive greater business value, ultimately allowing companies to be IoT innovators. Whether it’s microprocessor-based devices, dynamic dashboards, turning data into knowledge for uses such as medical devices, energy grid, smart homes, building and city management – you can leverage our diverse IoT capabilities to get you value faster.
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Cloud Management & Continuous Optimization

Once you move to the Cloud management and maintenance remain critical to maximizing your investments. Continued cloud monitoring and optimization is essential in order to realize and maintain hybrid cloud benefits. Excessive up-time, cloud over utilization, increased maintenance cost and increased regulatory and security risks are all common issues in an unmanaged cloud environment. Your Cloud deployment doesn’t end with a launch sign off. Rather it needs constant care to monitor and optimize it on an hourly basis. Let our experts improve Cloud operations, governance and optimization efforts in your organization today!
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Application Development & Testing

We can help you accelerate your adoption of leveraging the Cloud for development and testing scenarios. Moving your dev and test environments significantly shortens setup and cycle time for development and testing. We provide cost analysis, help you identify good development and test scenarios to start with and migrate your environments to Microsoft Azure virtual machines enabling you to quickly create, deploy and manage development and test environments in the cloud.

Our Cloud Services to Transform Your Organization

  • Hybrid Cloud Planning

  • SharePoint Disaster Recovery On Azure

  • Custom Cloud Application Development

  • Cloud Identity Management Services

  • Legacy Integration Services

  • Google Apps & Mail Migration Services

  • Yammer Integration & Training

  • File Shares To SharePoint Online

  • Microsoft Azure Demonstrations

  • Microsoft Azure Training

  • Cloud Integration Services

  • OneDrive Hybrid Implementations

  • Skype For Business Services

  • Azure Active Directory Services

  • Azure Rights Management Services

  • Web Services Integration

  • Office 365 Demonstrations

  • SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

  • Office 365 Roadmap Review

  • Monthly Azure Updates & Opportunities

  • Cloud Workshops

  • Monthly Office 365 Updates & Opportunities

  • Azure Roadmap Review

  • Cloud Technology Evaluation Services

What Are The Benefits Of Office 365 & Azure?

  • Technology Cost Savings – The number one reason for organizations adopting Microsoft Azure and Office 365 and can easily be millions of dollars in savings.
  • Support Cost Savings – Free up resources to work on projects that deliver more value, improve agility and reduce support costs with a consumer style support model.
  • Increased Access & Availability – Improve uptime while reducing DR capabilities in-house, access collaboration and communication services securely without a VPN.
  • Improved Disaster Recovery – By avoiding the expense and complexity of building and managing your own secondary location across more workloads.
  • Better Security & Compliance – Organizations cite security benefits being better in the cloud and are able to keep up to date easier with compliance.