There are 3 core principles on which 2toLead has been founded.

1. We want our customers to do more with less.

At the core of technology consulting is the belief that we can do things better, and that we can do more with less with the aid of technology. If we can help customers accelerate doing more with less than we are contributing to a more sustainable and a more abundant world for our children and for future generations.

We want to have a meaningful and positive impact on the world and take pride in the work we do making the world a better place for our customers, our employees and our industry.

2. We are passionate and generous.

When we hire employees it is extremely important to us that they are both passionate about technology and generous people. The generosity of our employees is a critical reason for why we are so successful. Most of our customers hire us to ‘give advice’ and we believe the give portion of that statement is just as important as the advice portion.

Our employees care and are willing to share, help, and go the extra mile for our customers while leading others in the industry by sharing what we learn and know.

3. We work together.

When working with or at 2toLead you have access to many experts who are just as passionate and generous as you are. What’s more we have an extensive network of partners and customers that are also generous and incredibly capable. We work closely with our partners and our customers. That closeness translates to excellent communication, shared understanding and shared commitment that leads to success for all of us.

At 2toLead we want to be the best, we want our customers to be the best, and we want our partners to be the best. Together.

We Are Here To Work With You

We focus on helping to transform organizations. Our approach is centered on working in partnership with you to deliver results.

The three main ways we help our customers are:

  • Business Strategy – While our roots are in technology, you need to understand business needs and expectations. We help businesses better understand what is needed to grow and achieve their goals.
  • User Experience – Whether it’s winning top Intranet awards or ensuring that great solutions are effectively adopted – we help our customers design and build meaningful experiences.
  • Technology Expertise – We extend your own teams with our deep technology expertise and proven experience in Microsoft technologies.

Our team brings these skills together to deliver unique experiences across platforms.

Our holistic approach allows us to achieve success with the right size team.

We lead specialist teams dedicated to the challenge at hand:

  • Are you a startup? We bring ideas to life. As part of our Strategy Workshops, we’ll ensure that your product or service adds real value to your end users and customers.
  • Are you a growth company? We know how to apply technology innovation to achieve objectives and help you successfully grow.
  • Are you an Enterprise or Government institution? We know what’s coming. We live and breathe it. We are lean, agile & fearless to create actionable results for your organization.

Have a look at our case studies and reach out to us.

Things We Do Well

SharePoint 100
Azure 85
Office 365 90
Business Intelligence 75
Information Architecture 90
Look and Feel 85

Our Experience By The Numbers

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